GSoC 2019: UI for Common Lab Test Module

Greeting, @tahira and @owais.hussain

I am Wandji Collins, selected to work on this Project for GSoC 2019 and I am glad to have you both as my mentors. As requested by @tahira, this topic is to discuss on the project for this period of GSoC. I look forward to working with you all.



Thanks @wandji69. Very pleased to have you in our GSoC project. Please let us know if you have any further queries regarding Common Lab Module.

Thanks a bunch @wandji69

Please feel free to approach me when @tahira is unavailable for any reason…

Hi @tahira @owais.hussain, I am finding it difficult setting up the module since it my first time working with a module. Then will want to know if I’m to use the framework UI of the organisation or I am just to build the UI with React inside the module. Please any reference will help.


Dear @wandji69,

For this project, a separate OWA module will be created to work with OpenMRS new UI. These following links will be helpful:

To keep the UI consistent with the Reference Application, you will be using OpenMRS UI Commons module.

But first thing first, what exactly is the problem you’re facing in setting up the module?

I think, let me take a look at the links you have just mention then get back to you since you have mention a separate OWA module will have to be created. so let me go through what you have sent this weekend then get to you on monday.

Then talking about the the weekly meetings with mentors as suggested in the Intro call of yesterday what prefered way do you sugegest.

Sure. About the weekly meetings, I have sent you an invite for trello board named “GSoC Project : UI for Common Lab Module”. Please accept that, from where we will be managing our work on week level.

Apart from that, can we have a skype call on Monday at 9 am UTC to discuss some initial things like weekly meetings, our project plan etc?

That is Okay by me.

Great, thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi @wandji69,

Hope you’re doing well. Were you able to set-up Common Lab Module? Also, please update me about project proposal.

HI @tahira

I was not in good health but am better now. but I’m on the proposal now trying to finish it up. having being studying about open web app and how to generate and see how they are been added to the view.

Hi @tahira,

I’m sorry for the late reply and update of my proposal, as I mentioned earlier I was not in good health. but here is a link to my proposal UI For Common Lab Module

Hi @wandji69,

I’m glad that you’re better now. Thanks for the project proposal. I’ll have a look.

About Common Lab Module, are you done with setting up module on your local OpenMRS?

Hi @tahira,

Update on the proposal for the comments you made here is the link

for the setting up of the module, I have a problem with the openmrs-standalone running of my machine it gives me this error

But I have been able to setup my idea and build the module using mvn clean package which gave me this ERROR

Hi @wandji69,

Thanks for submitting proposal. I have put some additional comments.

For the error related to openmrs-standalone, please make sure it is able to access the folder which has file. For now it is unable to locate this file.

Unable to see second error, please generate pastebin link again.

Hi @tahira,

I have been able to add the handle hierarchically grouped test results in the work time. And concerning the weeks i just grouped the weeks and pre-week i will be given feedback on my progress and work done.

@wandji69 right thanks. Hope you’ve read my previous response, I’m unable to see second error log. Kindly update me about the status of setting up of module and working environment. Are we progressing?

@tahira i will do just that.

@tahira here is the second error Error

@wandji69 have you accidentally made some changes in pom.xml file. According to error, there is some syntactical issue in pom file that’s why maven is unable to parse.

I’m available for a call at 10:00 am (your local time) to discuss this problem.