GSoC 2019: Student Blogs

Hi GSoC students,

Thanks to everyone for introducing themselves on OpenMRS Talk and helping the OpenMRS community to get to know you all a bit better. It’s been great to learn more about where you’re from and your interests in and outside of OpenMRS.

At this point, we have passed more than 2 weeks of the community bonding period. You’ve hopefully had contact with your project mentors, and started to discuss your projects or doing some initial planning and design work in preparation for the coding period that kicks off on the 27th May, 2019 .

Student Blogs

As you may already know, GSoC students will be required to post (at least) one blog entry a week during the period of the GSoC program. In preparation for this, we’re asking all students to take the time during the community bonding period to make sure you have a blog set up, and add a post over the course of the next week to introduce what you’ve been busy with during the community bonding period.

Once this is ready, please reply to this thread with the following:

  1. A link to your blog post. Please tag all your GSoC posts with the tags #openmrs and #gsoc2019 .
  2. If you already wrote a blog about OpenMRS/Related to GSoC/Community Bonding period experience, please mention the blog URL also.
  3. Please also let us know how you found out about GSoC, we’re interested to hear if this happens through word of mouth, from websites/forums/chat, or other campaigns/presentations at universities and colleges.

Take note : If you already have an existing blog, feel free to use that, otherwise you’ll need to set up a new blog for this. You’re welcome to use a traditional blog service (such as wordpress , blogger, medium etc.) or host your own. Just make sure it has an RSS feed available, as we’ll be linking to these blogs on the OpenMRS blog aggregator .

And why not find some inspiration by having a browse through some of the GSoC 2018 student blogs .


If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me and/or your project mentors. And make sure to check in on the #community:gsoc category here on Talk to keep up to date on all things GSoC.

Thanks and Good Luck


Link to my first blog Wandji69blog #openmrs, #gsoc2019

  1. Since I’ve already written a Blog post previously, I shall link it here -
  1. Blog Link: This is base URL for the blog. All future posts shall be updated here! :slight_smile:
  1. Finally, how did I come across OpenMRS -
  • Although I’ve explained how I discovered this amazing community on my first blog (all claps are appreciated! :slight_smile: ) I shall throw a brief here. I found OpenMRS through the GSoC portal itself, as I found it to be the ideal organization that satisfied my 3 directives, but I stayed because of the love I recieved from the community!



Hi @wandji69 , I think the link to your blog might be incorrect. It should be but the link you’ve given is leading to the WordPress homepage.

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Thanks @rakshir that’s correct.

Hi all, Here is my blog

  • Came to about GSoC through my friend.

Hi Everyone!

Here is my link to the Blog.

All the future post regarding the development of the project will continue from this page.

Came to know about GSoC from my friend.


Hello! Here’s my post :slight_smile:

I found about OpenMRS through a teacher of mine.


Here is my post : Blog


hello everyone,

Here is my blog. My upcoming blogs will be updated here.:grinning:


Hey everyone!

Here is a link to my blog : . This blog also contains a few posts from my participation in GSoC 2017 as well.

I found openmrs back in 2016 when browsing for opensource organizations that work with healthcare :slight_smile:


Hey, Here is my blog :slight_smile:

I came to know about GSoC through my college faculty.


Link to my blog

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Link to my First blog :- GSoC 19 My Next Journey

My upcoming blogs will be here

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  1. Blog Post
  2. Rest of the blogs will come here.
  3. Actually i explored GSoC last year too, that’s when i looked up OpenMRS in the GSoC organizations, At that time i was’nt much of a developer.
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Hello everyone!.. Sorry for the delay

  1. Blog Post
  2. Further posts will be published here

Hey all,

My Blog post for first week


Hi all, 1st week blog post


Here’s my blog for the week :slight_smile:


Here’s my blog for the week-