Managing Hospital Accommodations in OpenMRS

Managing Hospital Accommodations

I just moved this discussion from here (Created by @rupeshiya) :

I have one idea for GSOC and wants your feedback on this. It would be great if any mentor guide me to proceed ahead. Idea is to develop a web app to save lives by managing the hospital accomodations for the patient based on their disease. Web app will have options like -

  1. Add user of the site.
  2. Add patient
  3. Add diseases
  4. Set score against each disease to decide who should be given the accomodation first.
  5. Add rooms.
  6. Delete room.
  7. Delete disease.
  8. Dashboard.
  9. Update pateint info .
  10. Release patient.
  11. Login and singup

There are lots of features that can be added to make it a successful and helpfulf project.

This will solve the real world problem and save the lives. I have already posted this idea in another thread but there I didn’t got any feedback .so Plz give some feedback on my idea .

Cc : @rupeshiya

Quick review on your Idea,

We already have a workflow and implemented the dashboard to manage patients, diseases, and locations (including transfers, OPD, and etc). One great key point of your idea is Room assignment which is most suitable for private hospitals and separated wards (In most cases, they are using common wards) - So better to go for Room Number or Bed Number :slight_smile: (But I don’t know, is there any alternative implementations to track the patient room number or bed number). So you need to plan to add room number or bed number to the patients without affecting the current workflow of patient registrations and others.

@rupeshiya you can have a look at the Bed Management Module. It’s used in ward management and is somewhat similar.