GSoC 2019 - Patient Flag OWA - Sprint #2

Hi @rakshir,

Great to have our next Sprint started i.e. Sprint#2. The Sprint #1 was great and went well and hopefully we would work on Sprint#2 with even more dedication and enthusiasm.

We decided to use JIRA board for Sprint#2 for all future sprints since we both have now full access to OpenMRS FLAG JIRA. Kindly share your update and the link to JIRA Sprint#2.

Good work and keep it up!

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Hi @maimoonak,

Sorry for the delay in posting this! Yup, Sprint #1 was great and we have greater things lined up for Sprint #2 !

Salient Features of Sprint 2:

  1. Introducing Daily Stand-Ups.
  2. Reduced sprint duration to 1 week.
  3. Dedicated & focused goals per sprint.

These new features were added after our ‘Agile Retroactive’ discussions. You may read more about our decisions & thought processes here -

SCRUM Board:

Sprint #2 shall now be tracked exclusively via the JIRA Issue Tracker. Here is our Scrum Board for Sprint #2.


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@maimoonak @judeniroshan,

Work Log for 17-06-2019 to 19-06-2019

Time Spent: 3d (6 hours avg. per day)


Each component has primarily 4 functions associated to it:

  1. GET: :white_check_mark: (completed in Sprint#1)
  2. CREATE: :white_check_mark:
  3. UPDATE: :white_check_mark:
  4. DELETE: :warning: (current blocker)
  • ‘Tag’ component is complete and ready for test.

  • Functionality Implemented:


    • I’m currently working on solving the ‘Delete’ endpoint error on the API side. Once that is done, we should be able to delete records as well.
  • Lint Issues:

    • Deleting an element from the table leaves a empty (non populated) trace element behind. Although functionally it’s working, but it makes the table look faulty to the end user.
    • Facing some issues with removing pre-selected roles/displayPoints when trying to update a Tag. I’m still trying to figure out why this is happening.

[ :warning: Currently solving lint issues before doing the PR - it should done by end of 20/06/2019]


1. Weekly Meeting, Sprint Conclusion, Sprint #3 Planning, Evaluation Planning:

Hi @maimoonak @judeniroshan - I wanted to schedule a weekly meeting in order to discuss the following points-

  • Modifications required to API and DB to facilitate integration of glyphicons for ‘Priorities component’.

  • Sprint Retrospective and Sprint #3 Planning

  • Planning for evaluation phase beginning on 24-06-2019

I’ve tentatively scheduled this meeting for Sunday, 23-06-2019 at 11 AM CDT. Here’s the Google Calendar invite -

Is this timing suitable for everyone?

2. Delete Blocker Discussion Meeting:

Hi @maimoonak,

:warning: Blocker:

The ‘Request method ‘DELETE’ not supported’ is still a blocker and I’ve not yet been able to solve it despite our efforts last week.

I’ve tried adding the delete method and calling the purge method from within it, but I still get the same error message.

Any ideas?

Time: 22nd July, 2019 -11 AM CDT

Lets discuss it in Sprint meeting

Sprint #2 Completion Status:

@maimoonak @judeniroshan

Tickets Under Code Review:

Tickets Completed:

SCRUM board:

Pull Request:

SPRINT #3 Begins from 06/07/2019