GSoC 2019 - Patient Flag OWA - Sprint #1

Hi @rakshir ,

Congratulations on the start of our very first Sprint for GSoC 2019, Patient Flag Module OWA. Hoping for a great collaboration and work during this.

Lets use this thread to share the updates and any issues encountered during Sprint. Kindly also share the link to board with tasks discussed over call and what we are aiming to achieve by the end of this sprint.


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Starting of Development Sprint:

  • Development shall be done in Sprints.

  • Sprint Duration: 2 weeks each

  • New Tasks created and added to Backlog

  • Kanban Board created [Link]

Current Backlog:

Sprint 1 Starts May 27, 2019 as soon as the official coding period begins! :smile:

Daily Correspondence Period:

Daily correspondence shall be done via Talk thread or Talk Message between the mentors & me - this shall discuss the tasks done for the day and issues faced (if any).

*CC from GSoC 2019 - Patient Flags Module OWA thread.

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Work Log:

Date: 27/05/2019

Time Spent: 5 hours

Work Done:

  • Scaffolding setup using OpenMRS Yeoman Generator (v. 0.1.0).
  • Upgraded dependencies to latest version using ncu.
  • Upgraded to use Webpack 4 from Webpack 1.
  • Modified webpack config file to support Webpack 4 standards.
  • Installed style-referenceapplication as dependency.
  • Installed openmrs-react-components as dependency.
  • Debug of build errors while upgrading dependencies.
  • Setup directory structure

Work Pending:

  • Writing a common Modal controller class - can be used to pass data and generate form modals for EditFlags, EditTags and similar form-based popup modals.

@maimoonak @judeniroshan

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Work Log:


Date: 28/05/2019 - 29/05/2019

Time Spent: 2d

Work Done:

  • Assessment of build failure after dependency upgrade
  • Modifying webpack config files to support Webpack 4.
  • Assessment of failures after modifying config.
  • Recreating project using Yo.
  • Upgrading specific dependency. Keeping Webpack at v1.15 for now.
  • Upgrades include react, react-dom, babel-transform-class-properties. Please see package.json
  • Testing after upgrade.


Date: 30/05/2019 - 1/06/2019

Time Spent: 3d

Work Done:

  • Building the UI for Tag Component
  • Configure routes
  • Setup react table & popup js
  • Build modal
  • Passing data between modal & component
  • Adding hex configuration & icon display.
  • Added row delete functionality.
  • See Sprint #1 thread for screenshots.
  • Testing the UI.

Work Pending:

  • Testing Rest Endpoint
  • Coding Tag Component service & DTO.

Separate Future Tickets:

  • Include openmrs-react-components & openmrs-reference-application style guide.


@maimoonak @judeniroshan

The work done in Sprint #1 is encapsulated in the following blog - please do give it a read! :smile:

Sprint 1 has come to a close. Please see Sprint #2 thread for further tracking.

Link: Sprint #2 Thread

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