GSOC 2019: Patient Flag Module OWA


Since this discussion was pending, I thought I would create this thread for all those who are interested in contributing to the Patient Flag Module OWA as a part of GSOC or otherwise.

We can discuss about Flag Styling, dashboard integration, management and others!

I would kindly invite @maimoonak to lead and guide the conversation here!

Happy Contributing!

I would kindly like to update the new project links here. I’ve modified the same in the wiki page:

  1. Documentation:
  2. Addon Link:
  3. Source Code (GitHub not svn anymore):

Patient Flags Module OWA - UI Discussion

This discussion is for the UI for the OWA that’ll connect with the REST services. So far, we have discussed a few points regarding Managing of Flag Styling and the following points can be implemented prima-facie:

  • Color of Flag: Field would be present in which Sys Admin can provide the hex value for the color of the flag. If time allows, we might incorporate a ‘color pallatte UI’ where the admin can select the color of the flag.

  • Introduction of Icons: Apart from colour, a second indication can be icons. We can allow the admin to add the name of icon which would be rendered. Intention is to use font awesome glyphicons so that the user has a lookup source for the icon name. Again, if time permits, this can be converted to a list.

Is this alright @maimoonak and @judeniroshan?

I’ve attached two UI mock-ups just to demonstrate what I am on about :sweat_smile:


@judeniroshan I’ve a small clarification to ask. I’ve been inspecting the module code - we already have a owa - it’s written in AngularJS. But it is pretty bare bones with some minimal data bindings and not much UI. We are planning to scrap it entirely and build a new owa using React from scratch. Right?

yes! :grinning:

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Minutes of Meeting

Minutes of Discussion held between @maimoonak and @rakshir on 8th April, 2019 at 3:30 PM GMT over Skype:

  1. Reviewing Draft Proposal for GSoC 2019.

  2. Modification of GSoC Timeline to include ‘Updating of Wiki Page ’ in penultimate week of GSoC.

  3. Modification of GSoC Timeline to include provision for modifying REST endpoints and creating new endpoints if required.

  4. Using Postman to test the REST endpoints for ‘Patient Flags module’ located here.

  5. Decision to use OpenMRS Talk for managing the whole project as development process i.e. manage minutes of meeting, analysis, decisions taken etc. and have it documented in a public forum.

  6. Explore Redux and OpenMRS React Components located here.

  7. Task Given:

a) Create a basic React application that can be opened in OpenMRS.

b) Within the app, create a page with a simple table having n number of columns.

c) Page shall also have 2 buttons – one for adding records, other for deleting records.

d) When ‘Add’ button is clicked, have a pop-up panel where user can enter data.

e) Build the app to primarily implement OpenMRS React Components.

f) Task Objective: Task given to exercise hands-on experience in ReactJS, Redux and OpenMRS React Components.

@rakshir did you want to mean 8th August 2018?

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@irenyak1 I’m sorry, it’ll be 8th April, 2019. Sorry my bad :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: thanks for noticing it! :slight_smile:

Thank you soooo much to @maimoonak , @judeniroshan for accepting my proposal for the Patient Flags Module OWA! I look forward to working with the team and OpenMRS!

Thanks also to @suthagar23 for all your support !

Thank you once again to everyone for this amazing opportunity! :slight_smile:

Congrats @rakshir

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We hope you will do your best and improve openmrs and millions of users around the world. All the best!

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Thank you so much for your well wishes @suthagar23 and @judeniroshan ! I hope I can do the project and OpenMRS justice. Looking forward to a great summer of code!

No problems at all Rishav. Hoping for a great work for module. It would be an amazing learning experience for us.

Hi @maimoonak and @judeniroshan ,

I wanted to start a conversation regarding all the tasks we could undertake during the community bonding period. These tasks hopefully will get us up to speed with what all needs to be done one the coding period starts from May 27 :slight_smile:


  1. Creating a basic React application that primarily implements OpenMRS React Component and also helps us understand ReactJS and Redux better.
  • This task was given to me by @maimoonak

  • Despite some delays, this will be done hopefully by the end of this week. I shall upload it on my GitHub page and we can have a discussion going around it! :slight_smile:

  1. Testing existing REST endpoints using Postman or CURL.
  • This will help us verify that existing endpoints are fetching data properly and also give us a clue about whether we need additional endpoints. I plan to take up this task next week :slight_smile:
  1. A rough discussion about all the components that we will have in the OWA.
  • Currently I’ve listed 8 components in my GSoC proposal, however it would be great if we could have a detailed discussion on all the possible components we might have in our OWA.
  1. Finally, in parallel I also wanted to have a discussion going regarding the UI design of our module.
  • Since this aspect of the project is quite subjective and requires debate and discussion, it would be great if we could freeze these requirements before starting development so that it doesn’t become a blocker later on.

  • There is a total of 8 Components (currently) for which we have to fix the UI requirements. You can refer to the current patient flags module as reference.

  1. Issuing Revised Project Estimates/Timeline.
  • Although we already have a proposed timeline in the GSoC proposal, it would be great if after completing the above tasks, we could revise our estimates and have it posted publicly.
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Thank you so much @maimoonak ! :orange_heart: I hope I can do you and @judeniroshan justice. I’m super stoked to work on the project! :heart_eyes:

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Hey guys. To kick off my GSoC blog, I’ve written this small blog post about my GSoC journey to OpenMRS. Please do check it out! :blush:

Weekly Meetings

Hi @maimoonak and @judeniroshan,

I’ve scheduled our first weekly meeting this Friday in the 10:30 AM CDT Timeslot.

I’ve created a weekly event on Google Calendar!

Do let me know if any changes to the timing is required! :slight_smile:

Works for me!

Time slot is good for me, but I cannot add the event to my google calendar link. Please check it.

@judeniroshan Hey, sorry about that. I’ve created a new calendar link here which is publicly accessible. :slight_smile:

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