GSOC 2019: OpenMRS Android Client 2.8+

agree we should think about the analytics after we have completed all the other tasks.

@f4ww4z @csmuthukuda, I have still not found the right API endpoints. Also in the WebApp I can’t find the options to try the Patients transfer or use Provider-Provider relationships. Even on the Provider dashboard these options are not available.

I think I am missing something.

@deepak140596 what do you mean patient transfer.? Since I am working on rest services if I knew I can help out

Thanks @vankineenitawrun. Please go through this link which explains the Provider dashboard and its actions. I am trying to find the API endpoint to this feature. It will be very helpful if you can help.

@deepak140596 I would suggest to open the provider dashboard in web app and inspect to find which module of openmrs is being used for it by checking the network which end point is being called.

@vankineenitawrun, the problem is that I cannot find the actions for provider relations in the provider dashboard on the webapp. This is why I am not able to test the feature.

I am trying to find the feature where a patient is transferred by a provider as defined by this document. In the current demo version, we can only create,edit and delete the providers.

@f4ww4z @csmuthukuda Please guide me what to tackle on next. I cannot find the API endpoints for provider dashboard.

Parallel to this, I was thinking to implement the forgot password and test it with fellow contributor.

Please let me know your thoughts.

@f4ww4z what do you think we should do about this rest endpoints

Yes @deepak140596 , you can start working on the reset password functionality, until we can find the right endpoints for the provider-patient relationship. I will release 2.8 first then, since the basics of the provider module 's finished.

@deepak140596 can you ping me in the reset password jira issue? (I forgot the link)

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Okay @f4ww4z, I will start working on password reset.

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@f4ww4z @csmuthukuda I wanted some suggestions for next steps for Android client. Currently my progress: Password reset : blocker while sending reset email. In-touch with Harisu.

I was also trying to work on Admission forms but couldn’t find the json for the form. Can you please guide me how the Encounters work.

@f4ww4z @csmuthukuda, as we are nearing the end of GSoC, I would like to know that where shall I document (wiki pages) my work so that future developers may get to know the setup/development environment easily.

Also what do I have to prepare for the final evaluations?

@deepak140596 It looks like the web app is using HTML Form Entry module to make the admission form. Also, take a look at admission.json

Check out AC-405. It’d be great if you can split it into smaller sub-tasks first so that we mentors can review the PRs more carefully.

You can make a PR to update the repository’s README if you feel anything is missing, and also the Wiki page is free to edit.

Did you see ?

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@deepak140596 good blog post at

Do read GSoC 2019 : Final Evaluations and fulfill the 3 requirements listed there.

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Thanks @f4ww4z. I am currently working on it. Will make the video and then add other requirements.

@f4ww4z, @csmuthukuda

Please checkout my final Blogs:


Talk Post:

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Excellent @deepak140596 . Just re-reviewed it and now it provides strong documentation for the next sprint / GSoC period.

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Thanks @f4ww4z. It means a lot to me.