GSOC 2019: OpenMRS Android Client 2.8+

@f4ww4z what do you think we should do about this rest endpoints

Yes @deepak140596 , you can start working on the reset password functionality, until we can find the right endpoints for the provider-patient relationship. I will release 2.8 first then, since the basics of the provider module 's finished.

@deepak140596 can you ping me in the reset password jira issue? (I forgot the link)

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Okay @f4ww4z, I will start working on password reset.

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@f4ww4z @csmuthukuda I wanted some suggestions for next steps for Android client. Currently my progress: Password reset : blocker while sending reset email. In-touch with Harisu.

I was also trying to work on Admission forms but couldn’t find the json for the form. Can you please guide me how the Encounters work.

@f4ww4z @csmuthukuda, as we are nearing the end of GSoC, I would like to know that where shall I document (wiki pages) my work so that future developers may get to know the setup/development environment easily.

Also what do I have to prepare for the final evaluations?

@deepak140596 It looks like the web app is using HTML Form Entry module to make the admission form. Also, take a look at admission.json

Check out AC-405. It’d be great if you can split it into smaller sub-tasks first so that we mentors can review the PRs more carefully.

You can make a PR to update the repository’s README if you feel anything is missing, and also the Wiki page is free to edit.

Did you see ?

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@deepak140596 good blog post at

Do read GSoC 2019 : Final Evaluations and fulfill the 3 requirements listed there.

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Thanks @f4ww4z. I am currently working on it. Will make the video and then add other requirements.

@f4ww4z, @csmuthukuda

Please checkout my final Blogs:


Talk Post:

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Excellent @deepak140596 . Just re-reviewed it and now it provides strong documentation for the next sprint / GSoC period.

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Thanks @f4ww4z. It means a lot to me.