GSoC 2018 - Student Introductions

Congratulations and a warm welcome to the 12 students selected for Google Summer of Code 2018, and extended thanks to our fantastic group of OpenMRS project mentor volunteers, as well as all students that submitted applications this year!

Students - the community bonding period has begun, and we’ll be posting more details around next steps soon, but in the mean time, please take the opportunity to get in touch with your mentors, and introduce yourself to the community and other students in this thread. Specifically, please tell us about yourself by answering the following questions:

  1. Where are you from/based?
  2. How far along are you in your education? Where are you currently enrolled?
  3. Who are your mentor(s) and what project will you be working on?
  4. Tell us about your project in a sentence or two.
  5. What’s your IRC/Telegram nickname?
  6. What interests you about OpenMRS?
  7. Tell us one (or more) interesting or fun facts about yourself!

Hi everyone, Congratulations to all the selected students. here is my formal introduction:

  1. I am based out of Pune, India.
  2. I am about to complete my bachelor’s degree in computer science at Vellore Institute of Technology soon.
  3. My mentors are @owais.hussain and @ivange94 and I will be working on Restifying HTML Form entry module.
  4. The project basically involves restifying all the old endpoints that the old HFE provided to allow the users to perform all actions like form managment, submissions, etc. restfully.
  5. I am known by @piyush9620
  6. The motto - “write code save lives” excites me the most.

Hi everyone , Thanks all the mentors for selecting me to GSOC 2018 and congratulation to all the other selected students. Here is a brief introduction about me .

  • My name is Ridmal Liyanagamage . I am from Colombo , Sri Lanka

  • I am an undergraduate in faculty of information technology , University of Moratuwa , and i am following Bsc. degree in information Technology.

  • My mentors are @mksd and @ahmed14 and i will be working on attachment module.

  • Main objectives of my project are complete a complete a subset of tickets for the v2.0 release , create attachment module 100% RESTful and segregate attachment UI as an Open Web App.

  • I am known by @ridmal

  • i am very interested about vision of the OpenMRS .And it is much pleasure to give my contribution to OpenMRS , because it provides huge service for the people.

  • I like to sing stoutly when my friends are around me . :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi everyone, Kudos to my fellow selected student’s and thanks to the project mentors.

  1. I am from Cameroon based in SouthWest region Buea.
  2. I am in my fourth year in pursuit of a batchelor Degree in computer engineering. Am currently enrolled in the university of buea, faculty of engineering and technology.
  3. I have as mentors @wyclif and @burke and i will be working on Reset Password via Email Project.
  4. The project involves adding support for password reset via email design to work via RESTful APIs.
  5. IRC nick @harisu.
  6. The life saving aspect of openmrs is what interest me most and being part of an underdeveloped country and facing problems with medical records. drives me to no other thing than contribute and help the people around me and the world atlarge.
  7. Well, I like doing algorithms, Playing draught, watch catoon movies, and play volley ball.

Hello everyone.First of all, I would like to congratulate everyone who has been selected to the Google Summer of Code this year and also thankful to the mentors who are volunteered for this year’s programme and for those who didn’t get selected, It just a one time guys there will be plenty of keep trying and keep contributing.

  1. I am from Sri Lanka which is a beautiful island located in the heart of Indian ocean and my home Town is Homagama which is in Colombo District.(GMT +5:30).

  2. I’m a 4th-year Undergraduate at the Sabaragamuwa Universtiy of Sri Lanka studying B. Sc. Information Systems special degree.

  3. I will be working on the OpenMRS Android Client 3.x Project and my mentors are @shivtej and the @avijitghosh82

  4. My project is basically to improve the currently existing Android client of the OpenMRS by evolving it to the version 3 and implement the necessary requirements listed on the project page especially the provider module creation.

  5. I will be known as the @csmuthukuda in everywhere.

  6. open source contributing is a cool way of developing your skills and imagine how would it be if you can save the lives from your contributions.Here OpenMRS is giving you the opprtunity to make it a reality.

  7. well, I’m a guy and I love cats.Yes, we exist :grimacing::smiley:


Hi, congratulations to the selected students and thanks in heaps to the project mentors.

  1. I am from Kegalle, Sri Lanka.

  2. I am studying in fourth year of a batchelor Degree in computer science and engineering, University of Moratuwa.

  3. I have @sthaiya and @mwere as mentors and i will be working on Patient Clinical Summary Enhancement

  4. The project involves facilitating providers to provide the correct information to improve the data quality.

  5. I find the motto “write code, save lives” great and it helps a lot to bring out the best in me.

  6. I like watching sports.

  7. telegram nickname @madushan.


It’s very interesting to know about other students and get to know about them. Congratulations all of other GSoC students too! :smile:

  1. I’m Milan Karunarathne from Moratuwa, Sri Lanka.

  2. I’m currently on starting my 4th-year first semester at University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka and following a BSc. (Honours) in Information Technology degree program.

  3. I was selected to the “Patient Merge Enhancement” project and my primary mentor would be Simon Savai(@mssavai) and backup mentor Ada Yeung(@ayeung). I’m happy to work with them.

  4. It about enhances the process and UI of the manual review process of merge patience data records.

  5. My IRC nickname is milankarunarath (milankarunarathn) and you can find me on Telegram also (@milankarunarathne).

  6. When I worked on my first GSoC project, OpenMRS organization got my attention because of it’s mission and it’s a mature project which can help me to enhance my skills as a software developer. I understood that there are many good practices which are currently practicing within the organization such as regular meetings, good coding practices, testing, and documentation. Another good reason was it’s community as I mentioned earlier. They are very generous to help others and always active. Also, I have the keen interest in open source and would like to share my knowledge for the sake of world via open source software.

    -Write Code, Save Lives -

  7. I’m interested to find and read about new technologies and had some experience of hydroponic cultivation. I love to play PC games, mobile games and be with my family :blush:. The most loved mobile game is Pokemon Go, Now I’m on level 38 :sweat_smile:.


Hi Everyone,

Congratulation to the students who got selected for Google Summer of Code 2018 and I would like to thank my project mentors and the community for the chance to me on this project.

Here is my introduction.

  1. I am Jeyasumangala Rasanayagam from Jaffna, Sri Lanka and mostly known as Sumi.
  2. I am an undergraduate at Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology, following Bachelor of Information Technology.
  3. I will work on Built-in Reports module and my mentor is @raff
  4. My Project is about to improve the view of the existing reporting OWA and add more new reports to this module.
  5. I am known by @sumangala28.
  6. I am impressed by the motto of openMRS " Write code Save lives" It saves the people and serves the people. So I am happy to contribute to this community.
  7. I like to listen to music when traveling and love to watching horror films.

Thanks to the OpenMRS Community for this initiative and helping people. Finally, I need to thank @judeniroshan for the help and guidance during the preparation time to achieve the target.


Hello eveyone!

First Congratualtion everyone who got selected for this year Google Summer of Code with OpenMRS. Now the time to share your commits with OpenMRS :smiley:

I am very exited to work with OpenMRS once again through this year GSoC. Yes, I had a chance to work with OpenMRS last year also (GSoC 2017). I worked on a project called More Metadata Management in AdminUI under the valuable guidance of @dkayiwa. So I loved to work with OpenMRS once again :wink:

Here is my introduction,

  1. I am Suthagar from Sri Lanka.

  2. I am pursuing Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Engineering (final year undergraduate) at the University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka.

  3. During this year summer, I am going to work on a project called “Location Based Access Control” under the guidance of Daniel Kayiwa (@dkayiwa).

  4. So far, Reference application only kept the location information inside the session and the user can simply change their location through the location drop-down or use appui/session REST service. Now the time to restrict the OpenMRS Ref app users by their registered locations.

  5. My IRC nickname: suthagar23

  6. OpenMRS is the world identified electronic medical record system(EMR) and It is an open source project contains the headlines as “Write Code, Save Lives”. I really like this project domain and would like to be a part of OpenMRS. Since the last year, I had so many chances to interact with the community and the works. So I wonder about the community for helping the new people and I mostly liked that approach.

  7. I like swimming, Music, and Photography. I am in a relationship with StackOverflow also. You can follow my blog to get some unwanted as well as the interesting writes :smiley:

Looking forward to sharing my knowledge and work here to make the project better :slight_smile:

Thanks, @danfuterman for managing this year GSoC for OpenMRS and thanks to all mentors and community for the chance :openmrs:.

Best Regards,



Hello everyone!

Congratulations to all the selected students!

I am Prabodh Kotasthane basically from Indore, India. I am a 3rd year student pursuing Bachelor degree in Computer Science Engineering from Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra.

My project is OAuth Module Enhancements and SMART Apps Support and @mavrk and @harsha89 will be mentoring me for the same.

The project aims to enhance the OAuth module functionalities by adding extended support for SMART applications.

My nick is @pkatopenmrs.

I believe that if you can add up some meaningful contribution towards a better society, using your skills and talent, then the code you write and the time you invest is totally worth it! After i got my first little contribution merged at OpenMRS, I got the same feeling. And this is the thing that keeps me motivated! Also the community here is beautiful. Love to work here! :slight_smile: :smiley:

I have many hobbies (others say them talent :stuck_out_tongue: ) which include photography, cooking, singing, art and craft etc. Also I love to play basketball. I also like to repair any and everything or make them irreparable :stuck_out_tongue: !!!

Thanks to the mentors and community! Thanks @danfuterman for managing GSoC for OpenMRS! You are doing a great job! :slight_smile:

Looking forward to a great summer with OpenMRS!! :smiley:


welcome @piyush9620, we shall be glad to work with you


Hello everyone,

First of all thank you for accepting me for the GSoC 2018. I would like to congratulate every student who got selected to GSoC 2018. Also, I would like to thank my mentor and all community members who helped me.

My name is Eunice Amoh and I’m located in Canberra, Australia.

I’m following masters in Univerisity of Canberra and this is my first year.

My primary mentor is @harsha89 and backup mentor is @mavrk. During this summer of code I’ll be working on FHIR Swagger Codegen Integration and Strategic Improvements project.

The purpose of this project is to expand the capabilities and functions of the OpenMRS FHIR module by upgrading the underlines libraries to support latest FHIR specification and integrate Swagger SDK generation.

My IRC nickname is eunice18

I really impressed about the service that OpenMRS done in various countries to help people to improve their live standards.

I am a not a good singer but I wont stop singing loud.


Hello everyone!
Congratulation to all selected students this year. I’ll be glad working with you guys this summer.

Briefly about myself .

  • I’m Samuel Male from Uganda(“The pearl of Africa” :smile:)
  • I’m an undergraduate of Bachelor in Information Technology at Bugema University. I’m currently in my First year :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
  • I will work on, Merge Patient data from Multiple Installations and my primary mentor is @ssmusoke backed up by @dkayiwa
  • This project is simply about merging patient and related metadata from child node to central databases. This shouldn’t depend on the current sync module.
  • IRC nick : @samuel34
  • I like the community. Never have I had a question(blocker) and the community failed to help. So it gives me this mindset “I’m not alone”
  • I love Music and trying of new stuff :wink:

Looking forward to great summer with OpenMRS :blush:


Hello Everyone! First of all I would like to congratulate all the students who got selected for GSoC 2018 :grinning:.

  1. I’m Isuranga Perera from Panadura, Sri Lanka.
  2. I’m a Computer Science undergraduate at University of Colombo School of Computing
  3. I have been selected for the project “Bahmni - Notification on Patient Events” mentored by @danfuterman
  4. The aim of this project is to provide a way for health-care providers to subscribe/unsubscribe to notifications of specific events for patients in Bahmni.
  5. IRC nickname @isuranga
  6. I like swimming and solve algorithmic problems :slightly_smiling_face:

Finally I would like to thank OpenMRS community for giving me this valuable opportunity.