GSoC 2018 - Student Blogs

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(Daniel Futerman) #1

Hi GSoC students, thanks to everyone for introducing themselves on Talk and helping the OpenMRS community to get to know you all a bit better. It’s been great to learn more about where you’re from and your interests in and outside of OpenMRS.

At this point you’ve hopefully had contact with your project mentors, and started to discuss your projects or doing some initial planning and design work in preparation for the coding period that kicks off on the 14th May.

Student Blogs

As you may already know, GSoC students will be required to post (at least) one blog entry a week during the course of the GSoC program. In preparation for this, we’re asking all students to take the time during the community bonding period to make sure you have a blog set up, and add a post over the course of the next week to introduce what you’ve been busy with during the community bonding period.

Once this is ready, please reply to this thread with the following:

  1. A link to your blog post. Please tag all your GSoC posts with the tags openmrs and gsoc2018.
  2. Please also let us know how you found out about GSoC, we’re interested to hear if this happens through word of mouth, from websites/forums/chat, or other campaigns/presentations at universities and colleges.

Take note: If you already have an existing blog, feel free to use that, otherwise you’ll need to set up a new blog for this. You’re welcome to use a traditional blog service (such as wordpress, blogger, medium etc.) or host your own. Just make sure it has an RSS feed available, as we’ll be linking to these blogs on the OpenMRS blog aggregator

And why not find some inspiration by having a browse through some of the GSoC 2017 student blogs.


If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to reach out to myself and/or your project mentors. And make sure to check in on the #community:gsoc category here on Talk to keep up to date on all things GSoC.

(Daniel Futerman) #2

A reminder to GSoC students (and in case anyone missed the original post), to please make sure you share a link to your first blog post by Friday (11th May). Thanks!

(Chathuranga Muthukuda) #3

hi everyone, You can find my first blog post regarding the GSOC2018 in here:

GSoC is not something which can be hidden from a developer who is passionate about programming so I have heard a lot about GSoC through social media posts, and also from my colleagues. When one of my friends has talked to me about OpenMRS, I felt like this will be my opportunity to start my opensource career so I visited the website and then gradually collaborated with the OpenMRS community to participate as a student for this years GSoC.and now here I am. :grinning:

looking forward to hearing other students stories soon.


(Prabodh Kotasthane) #4

Here is link to my blog : :slight_smile:

(Eunice Amoh) #5

Here is my blog

(Suthagar Kailayapathy) #6

Hi all,

Here is the link to my Medium blog :

This is the blog, I wrote immediately after the GSoC 17 for the GSoCers. Hope most of you can get some guidelines through this blog : The way to Google Summer of Code :slight_smile:


(Jeyasumangala Rasanayagam) #7

Hi all,

Here is my first blog : :slightly_smiling_face:

(harisu fanyui) #8

Here is the link to my blog

(Piyush Kundnani) #9

(Dileka Madushan) #10

@danfuterman Hi all! Openmrs has a great motto “Write Code, Save Lives!” which excited me to discover more. I heard about Openmrs Community more from my friends in my batch who took part in GSOC 2017.I would take this opportunity to thank all of my batch-mates who helped me to create a great proposal.

here is a link to mine,

(Daniel Futerman) #11

Thanks to everyone that has shared links to their blogs!

We’d still love to learn how you found out about GSoC, and to those students that haven’t yet shared a link to their first GSoC blog post, please try find the time to do this before Monday. We want to make sure everyone is set up and ready to go with their weekly GSoC blog updates before the coding period begins.


(ridmal liyanagamage) #12

Hi all ,

Here is link to my blog :slight_smile:

(Isuranga Perera) #13

(Samuel Male) #14

Here is my blog

(Milan Karunarathne) #15

Hi all,

Here is the link to my blog,