GSoC 2018 - OpenMRS Android Client Discussion

@shivtej you have actually not got it. :slight_smile:

The reason am asking is simply because we like to empower you to do the needful. The very fact that you have volunteered to mentor this project, is reason enough to give you the necessary permissions to merge pull requests for it and release. :slight_smile:

So i ask again, what dev stage are you?

@dkayiwa, I’m at /dev/3 stage and I can assume the role of Release Manager for the project.

Thanks for giving justification and empowering me. :smiley:

@shivtej thanks for working hard enough to deserve it! :slight_smile:

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Hi all,

I’m interested in contributing to this project. I built the Android Client and went through its features.

While I was reading the android client user guide features page, I saw that there are issues with some image links. There the image doesn’t appear and the link is shown in code format in github pages.

This is because of a formatting issue in those lines in and how the gitbook complies them.

@shivtej, @dkayiwa what is the procedure I should follow to make this correct ?

Thanks, @thejan for reporting the issue. You can follow these steps:

  • Create an issue here:
  • Any mentor would verify the issue and then you can claim it.
  • Fork the OpenMRS Android User Guide repo, work on the issue and send a PR.
  • Any mentor would then review it and then it’ll be merged.

I would like to contribute to this OpenMRS android client project since I’m working as a freelancing mobile developer for 4 years (especially Android). I installed the OpenMRS server in my laptop. I also cloned the project and tested. Could you please give me a username and a password for testing purposes?

Hi @hasitha,

It is on Android Client User Guide.

Thank you!

Hi, @shivtej I am writting proposal. Could you please guide me?

  1. Charts can be displayed in more elegant way. The request is somewhat abstract. Could you please provide with some details?

  2. I am not sure that how much detailed implementation are expected. Please review my proposal and give me some advice.

  3. I do not find the forget password API so I have no idea how to implement it.

Thanks :smiley:

could anybody tell me which md or encryption algorithm is used for password encryption of andro client?

These blog post will be helpful for you.


Guys, do check this thread (GSoC 2018 - Tips and Questions on Student Proposals), it will help you to write better proposal.

@stonymoon, while answering your question, I want to mention that you’re allowed to suggest ideas and try new things, this is how an open source community works.

Currently, charts are very cluttered, so think of some ways of displaying them in a nice manner. Search for different solutions and write one solution in your proposal which you think is best and satisfy all the constraints.

  • You should have an abstract idea of steps you would need to take to complete the tasks. You can’t obviously have complete in-depth

There is no implementation of forget password feature in OpenMRS server in my knowledge. We may need to implement client side.

BTW, I’ve reviewed your proposal. Nice work!

@smriti as of my knowledge there is no any encryption algorithm used in client side but the username and password are validated and stored in shared preferences. you can understand this my looking at OpenMRS and LoginPresenter classes

@shivtej, thanks for your kind review! I have improved my proposal according to your suggestions. :grinning:

I am trying to find a good way of displaying charts. I will try my best to add it in my proposal before the deadline.

Could you please review it again?

Should we waiting for completion of it and use it to implement forget password?

Thank you!

Submitted the proposal. :metal: Cheers. And all the best to everyone.


good job @karannaik I also submitted the proposal yesterday. Good luck to everyone :point_right::muscle:

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Who got selected?

It’s me @karannaik…and for those who didn’t get selected, don’t get discouraged guys…there is always a next time…and keep contributing to this awesome oraganization…:heart:


Congratulations Man. Hope you do well. I am also starting contributions. If you need any help, please don’t hesitate to ask. All the best.

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