GSoC 2018 - OpenMRS Android Client 3.x Project

Hello everyone,

My name is Chathuranga Muthukuda and I’ll be working on OpenMRS Android Client 3.x Project for this year. My mentors are @shivtej and @avijitghosh82. The project has several different tasks to complete which includes various feature requirements, several improvements and bug fixes.I’ll always update my project progress through this thread and also with separate threads if needed. you can find more info about this project by following the below project link.

Project wiki page:

thank you


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hello everyone,

I am planing to implement the provider module as the first task of my project and can anyone guide me to find the existing provider module in web app because i cant find it in home like the patients module.

the provider module wiki page:


AFAIK, there is no Provider Management Web App like the Patient Dashboard. Anyway, What is the issue of creating a new module like the patient’s module :smiley: ? If you explain, then I can able to help you :slight_smile:

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Hi @csmuthukuda, there are a few pages we wrote for managing Community Health Workers(CHW). Here is the code:

The create provider page could be configured to capture more data fields:

You could also see those provider management pages on the openmrs demo server by navigating to this link:

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Thanks a lot for replying @suthagar23, I just wanted to follow some standard while implementing the provider module in android client so in that case i’ll implement all by my own then :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks a lot @cioan Now I can follow the things you guys have created and implement the mobile clients provider page according to it.


In my GSoC tasks there is a feature which is to implement a forgot password option. Is there any API that I can use to make this work.

Hope you find something useful in the following files for dealing with user accounts details in OpenMRS that worked for other implementations

Setting passwords and security questions and Forgot password for the user You can check for the respective views on how attributes are mapped

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thanks alot @ningosi I’ll look in to them.

@ningosi I have looked into the sources you have provided and it looks like those things are not implemented as the Rest API’s. @dkayiwa Is there any chance we can implement the rest API’s for this specific purpose or I guess this feature have to wait until that particular rest APIs have been implemented.

@csmuthukuda can you create the rest api ticket and we curate it?

hello !! @csmuthukuda I am looking forward for this year’s gsoc. So hope to get your guidance in Android Client 3.x Project phase 2

Hi everyone, this project looks interesting to me. I am looking forward to contribute to the same as GSoC 2021 participant. I hope I am on the right place to talk ?

@leoshrey This is the old topic please check out this GSoC 2021- Guidelines for interested students.