GSoC 2018 - Location Based Access Control

Hi everyone!

I am very excited to work with OpenMRS once again through this year GSoC. I hope, this summer will be paid with a bulk of codes and experiences with OpenMRS like last year :smile:. I would like to say a great thanks to the community and mentors for selecting me into this project this time.

I am going to work on “Location Based Access Control” project this year under the guidance of Daniel Kayiwa(@dkayiwa) as my primary mentor and Wyclif Luyima (@wyclif) as my backup mentor.

Further, this thread is will be used for posting the project updates and related questions for the clarifications during the actual project development time.

Actual objectives of this project are,

  • Assign users to locations on registration
  • Assign patients to locations on registration
  • During an encounter, observation, and patient searches, return only those in the logged in location
  • Ability to move patients from one location to another by an administrator
  • Ability to assign locations to already existing patients
  • Ability to assign locations to already existing users
  • Login screen should not require users to select locations because on login, you know the location in which a user belongs.

Following thread was used for the discussions for the project proposal preparations. We can get some interesting talks from this discussions too,

Hope, I can contribute to the OpenMRS and make it more better through this project :slight_smile:



At the beginning, I would like to figure out the module name for this project. The actual project name is 'Location based access control".

I have some ideas for the names, those are (some are too long :smile:)

  • openmrs-module-locationbased-access
  • openmrs-module-location-based-access-control
  • openmrs-module-locationbasedaccesscontrol

Which one will be most suitable for this project? Please suggest some possible and short names for this project :slight_smile:. It will help us to create a project in the JIRA and create a repository under OpenMRS Organization.

CC : @dkayiwa @wyclif

How about openmrs-module-locationbasedaccess

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Yah, It would be awesome and short form for this module :slight_smile:. Thanks @wyclif

@dkayiwa Can we go ahead with openmrs-module-locationbasedaccess as the module name?

Sure. Here it is:

Am really excited about the final take flag off of the OpenMrs-Module-locationbasedaccess,we are eagerly waiting to test it on ground,cheers to the The google Summmer code developers ,

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Greetings @oebecha. We are in the design phase right now, Hope we can make it much better :slight_smile:

I see u connecting the dots ,Think tank at work,with your expertise am happy to make any contributions,suggestions or trials where I can help.:nerd_face:

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