GSoC 2017 - Operation Theater Module Workflow Enhancements - Mid Term Presentation

Hello all,

This is my mid term presentation for the Operation Theater module. We’ve finished two rounds of development and achieved the following:

  • Migrating the module to work with the latest OpenMRS version
  • Adding pre-theater workflow enhancements
  • Using the Allergy API to show the allergies of the patient under surgery details.
  • Recording past surgeries with an Obs group. (WIP due to changing requirements).
  • Current medications, prescriptions for surgery.

Mentors : @akshika47 @harsha89

Next steps:

  • In-theater workflow enhancements
  • Post-theater workflow enhancements

Please refer the project thread for more info.

Your feedback, comments and suggestions are most welcome :slight_smile:


@merovingienne Great work. @akshika47 make sure we moved this to OpenMRS repo at the end of the GSoC.

@darius @ball @burke will this be a good addition to reference application?


sure thing :slight_smile: