GSoC 2015 student introductions

Congratulations and welcome to our selected students for Google Summer of Code 2015!

Students, please introduce yourself in this thread. Specifically, let’s hear the following:

  1. Where are you from?
  2. How far along are you in your education? Where are you currently enrolled?
  3. Who’s your mentor and what is your project? What’s your project about in a sentence or two?
  4. What’s your IRC nickname?
  5. What is interesting about OpenMRS to you?
  6. Tell us one (or more) interesting or fun fact about yourself!

Hello OpenMRS

First Thanks you all for this opportunity :slight_smile: My name is Yousef Mohamed Hamza

I’m from Cairo, Egypt, I’m in my 4th of 5 years at the faculty of Engineering Ain-Shams university at the department of Computer Engineering and Software Systems.

My mentor is @harshadura and my project is extending the existing iOS app for OpenMRS and also add the functionality of filling out XForms on it.

The huge impact that technology have in people life is what pushed me to computer science, and having the chance to make that impact in one of the core parts of people life is a really amazing chance, and that’s what OpenMRS is doing : )

I enjoy problem solving on online Judges my handle is yousefhamza on CF and TC, I’d like to meet someone in the community interested in that too :smiley: also In my free time I love playing Dota 2 :smiley:

That’s it i guess :slight_smile:


Hello people,

First and Foremost, I thank the OpenMRS community for accepting my proposal. Super excited for the amazing experience+learning coming up.

  1. I am Tharunya Pati from Hyderabad-India

  2. I am currently pursuing Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering at KMIT(Keshav Memorial Institute of Technology). Will be graduating this semester (by May 2015) :smiley:

  3. This summer, I will be working under the able guidance of @burke and @wyclif for the project “Module For Legacy UI:smile: The main motive behind this project is to get the Legacy UI out of the platform into a module which is marked as a very important task. Glad to have earned this opportunity to complete this task bearing major priority :smiley:

  4. IRC nickname: Tharunya

  5. The most interesting thing about OpenMRS is “Write Code, Save Lives” :smile: I take pride in being associated with an organization that values ‘Life’. This being my first year to be a part of an open source community- OpenMRS, I am really happy that, even as a newbie, I got a chance to enhance my technical skills. It feels amazing to be a part of Google Summer of Code 2015 :blush: Definitely, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all such welcoming and encouraging people in the community for bringing me so far :smile:

  6. Interesting facts:

  • Over the weekends, I take sessions in shelter homes to help the underprivileged children discover their talents and also improvise their knowledge. :grin:
  • I completely believe “Consider all Living Beings as important, rather than only Human beings”. Hence, I am a part of an NGO that supports my view of saving animals and the green environment. It feels really great to be the ‘voice for the voiceless’ :sunglasses: Also, Petting is an all-time stress-buster for me. I enjoy the warmth when around with these cute little furry creatures. :blush:
  • I love to travel and I take pleasure in writing and capturing moments so as to cherish them further. Photography is my best pastime till date. :blue_heart:

#Charged up to live the most memorable Journey in my Life! :blush:


OpenMRS is of my good pleasure for many reasons such as ,code and save lives, but most of all is being part of a world wide health IT community working together to solve day today health problems in the medical/health field. My name is Kaweesi Joseph, k-joseph on IRC, am an undergraduate student finalist at Bugema University in Africa/Uganda who is currently writing my final examinations and then will be waiting for graduation as i code the summer away :smile:

Am working on the Second phase of ChartSearch under the mentorship of @dkayiwa, the project is basically about adding more support to chartsearch to supplement the initial work done last summer and resolve reported bugs.

For now, one fact about me is that i’ve gotten interested in remotely working and would wish to most of the time because of the flexibility it offers me which is one reason to keep me productive. It’s really funny for me to mention that i would prefer an OpenMRS job now that am almost graduating! Right?


Hello Congrats everyone on getting selected :slight_smile:

  1. I am SandeepRaparthi from Hyderabad,India
  2. I am Pursuing my final Semester in computer Science Engineering from KMIT and have my final examinations in a week.
  3. @n_nehete and @sunbiz are my mentors :slight_smile: and my project is “Add support for open web apps”. It is much about ensuring the preferred functionality of the existing module and building Core OpenMRS reference app element as Web-Components.
  4. IRC Nick name: SandeepRaparthi
  5. The very first thing that comes to my mind when i think of OpenMRS “Write Code Save Life” :smiley: that phrase :blush: . Interesting Fact for me is that People doing the work they are good at/interested in and directly helping the community indirectly saving a life :smile: and I am very thankful to the community for the learning so far I got and I am sure it will multiply by N times during GSOC 2015
  6. When i am not Coding probably I am Gaming on XBOX (Fifa :D) Any more FIFA Freaks around ? :smiley:

Once again and very big thanks to the community for selecting me Will put in my Best for GSOC :smile:


Hello Everyone,

I am Vineet Kumar, a 4th Year Undergraduate Engineering student from Indian Institute of Technology (BHU), Varanasi, India. I am a student, OpenMRS contributer, ex-GSoCer. I am here to renew my GSoC license :wink: . You know what I mean :smiley:

My mentors and backup mentors are @pascal and @janflowers . I hope this summers will be more exiting with them. I am assigned the development of the module “System Performance and Utilization”. This is last year project by another GSoC student.

My IRC Nickname is not a string but an array of strings :wink: { “Vineet”, “Vineet_K”, “Vineet_”, “@Vineet”}

As I always says OpenMRS to me has a huge life impact. This is not just about improving my development skills or carrer making but it is about the help and support we are providing to people who are in need for it by anyway possible, where that way is our coding skills.

Fun fact about me is I am a Quick Learner and big Fan of Comic Book-Super Hero-Sci-Fi stuffs . Hehe… confused about this Question a little bit so thats it.

"Write Code Save Lives"


Hi I am Mayank from New Delhi,India. I am a sophomore at National Institute of Technology, Delhi. My mentors are @harsha89 and @surangak and I will be implementing the OAuth2 support for modules exposing web services this summer. My IRC nickname is Mayank.

I have a lot of doctors in my family,my sister being the most recent addition to that list. I understand it is a difficult job and I strongly believe in building technology to allow people in medicine to do what they do best- save lives!! At Fossasia Singapore, I had an awesome conversation with @michael and @harshadura and became super motivated to do my best to contribute to the OpenMRS community. I am excited and pumped up to work on the OAuth2 module this summer!

In my free time, I play for a metal band, Requisition.I am also a game and game engine developer and love competitive coding.

Kudos to the fellow GSoC students and thanks to the OpenMRS community for this opportunity! Looking forward to an fruitful development experience! :slight_smile:


Hey! I love competitive coding as well :slight_smile: . I am more active on CodeChef and spend time solving problems of Google Code Jam, ACM ICPC, IEEE Xtreme etc


Hello Everyone

Thank you OpenMRS community for accepting my proposals and hearty congratulations to all the accepted students :smile:

  1. I am Sharon Varghese from Hyderabad-India

  2. I am currently pursuing Bachelor of Technology in Infomation Technology at KMIT(Keshav Memorial Institute Of Technology) and am currently going to write my final semester exams next week.

  3. I will be working under the guidance of @maimoonak and @darius on Cohort Module. This summer will be focusing on to convert/extend the Household module to support Cohort-level encounters and observations and to create these encounters via a REST interface

  4. My IRC nickname is SharonVarghese

  5. The fact that OpenMRS is focussing on the medical field and trying to bring about changes in the past few years has inspired me to choose it as my first open source organisation to contribute. The motto of OpenMRS "Write Code, Save Lives " in the true sense has shown the importance of each of our contributions. :smile .I am thankful for the wonderful people I have interacted in the community and the learning so far I received will help me proceed in the GSOC journey.

  6. I have other passions too like singing and playing the keyboard (quite an amateur though :smiley:) . I love swimming , basket ball , volley ball , going on long trips with my family and photography and take out time to pursue them :smile:.


Hello everyone,

I’m elated to continue coding my summers away this year wiith OpenMRS.

I am Nyah Check, a 3rd year Computer Engineering student at the University of Buea, Buea Cameroon. A GSoC participant in 2013(BRL-CAD), EVoC participant in 2014; and will continue with OpenMRS in GSoC 2015.

I live in Buea(#SiliconMountain), Cameroon and I’m the GDG Lead for GDG Bambili. My IRC nick is Ch3ck, Ch3ck_ or any Ch3ck derivative.

I am passionate about Algorithms and Hacking and will be working on the Esaude Data Import Module for OpenMRS with @valvijo and @pascal.

Hailing from sub-saharan Africa with the Malaria endemic and the recent Ebola outbreak forced me to start writing code for Africans by Africans. I will leave linux driver development for sometime and continue helping my brothers and sisters. I plan on coding with OpenMRS till Ieave school and will love to have a big impact with this.

I love competition and I’m passionate about coding contests as @yousefhamza and @maany and spend most of my free time on Hackerrank and TopCoder. I’ve participated in the CodeJam, Hackercup, ACM ICPC and others in the past and will do in the future. So will love my buddies here to hook me up some time.

Any Chess players here! My girlfriend beats me at chess at home! :smile:

With Love from the #SiliconMountain

Cheers! Nyah


I love Fifa and PES but I use PS3, not an Xbox guy! :smile:

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Nice to see Sports programmers here :smile:

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Hello and I congratulate everyone on getting selected :smile:

  1. I am Manika Maheshwari, from Jaipur, Rajasthan, India.
  2. I am pursuing my second Semester in Health Informatics at Indiana University-Purdue University, Indianapolis.
  3. My mentors are: @cioan and @mogoodrich and my project is “Emergency Department Triage Application”. It is about developing a smart electronic version of the triage form to categorize triage level of patients when they enter an emergency department.
  4. IRC Nick name: manika
  5. The most interesting thing about OpenMRS is its motto: “Write Code Save Life” and principles of openness and sharing of ideas. I am very thankful to the OpenMRS community for accepting me into the GSoC program. This is a wonderful opportunity to contribute and making a difference in the lives of people. It has been a great journey being a part of this community getting to know and interacting with people. Looking forward to more such learning experiences and interactions.
  6. I like to travel and go on adventure trips. I also have a passion to do photography and capture moments spent with my family and friends. :smiley:
  1. I am from Matara, Sri Lanka.
  2. I just finished my Final year exams of BSc Eng degree program. Now I worked at
  3. My Primary mentor - Suranga Kasthurirathne My Secondary mentor - Vaibhav Agarwal Project name - Consuming FHIR Resources for OpenMRS Project page - What we are trying to achieve on this project is to expose OpenMRS data as FHIR Resources via RESTful web services. Mainly on Creating and Updating resources. Loging mechanism will be implemented as well.
  4. IRC nick name - sashrika
  5. What is most interesting to me on OpenMRS is the process that they follow. Which always reminds me good process makes good outcomes.
  6. I am a SpongBob lover. Any SpongBob lovers here? :smile:

Ohh Cool May be after GSOC will Play online someday :smiley:


It’s very interesting to read about other students and get to know about them. Congratulations all of you! :smiley:

I’m Milan Karunarathne from Sri Lanka. I’m currently sitting for my semester end exams at University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka and following a BSc Honours in Information Technology degree program.

I was selected to the “Support Laboratory Data Exchange with FHIR” project and my primary mentor is Judy Gichoya and Backup mentor is Harsha Kumara. It’s about expand the OpenMRS FHIR module so that it can consume laboratory information. It also enable OpenMRS to consume laboratory data sent by a third party systems and support Laboratory data such as Laboratory, Pathology, Imaging Investigations, Other diagnostics.

My IRC nickname is milankarunarath (milankarunarathn).

OpenMRS organization got my attention because of it’s mission and it’s a mature project which can help me to enhance my skills as a software developer. After interacting with it’s technologies and community, I understood that there are many good practices which are currently practicing within the organization such as regular meetings, good coding practices, testing and documentations. Another good reason was it’s community as I mentioned earlier. They are very generous to help others and always active. Also I have keen interest about open source and would like to share my knowledge for the sake of world via open source software. Thus I found that OpenMRS is a right place to start my journey.

I’m interesting to find and read about new technologies and had some experience of hydroponic cultivation. I love to play PC games and be with my family :blush: . Because of this is a very intense project, I think I’m going to have lots of fun here. :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s so cool :smiley:

I participated in IEEE Xtreme once got to #7 place on national level, my friends participated last year #11 internationally. :smiley:

I just started and look forward to participate in CPC this year. anyone participating in the next CF contest? :smiley:


Wow that’s really awesome!! I’ll be taking part in IEEEXtreme and ICPC later this year as well :slight_smile: I’ve signed up for CF. I will participate in the contests after my exams :slight_smile:

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How hard is the regionals for ICPC at india?

Egypt always dominate the regionals “Arab: including from Morraco to UAE” Anyway If you are looking for a way to practice in problem solving I’d recommend reading this: TL;DR: it does take some math “discrete math” to get to russians level :smiley:

It’s from egor, his handle is: yeputons, he is #7 on Codeforces :smiley: