GSoC 2015 student introductions

Seriously! thats awesome Yousef. :smile:


Hello everybody,

Although I am a late comer to this talk, I would like to congratulate you once more for being accepted to GSoC :slight_smile:

I am computer science student in the last year of graduate studies, in Joseph Fourier University, in Grenoble, France. I am from Morocco.

I will be working on Rest Documentation Generation project, under the supervision of Wyclif Luyima. The project consists in improving the automatic document generator for OpenMRS, to be include all the handlers and services.

My IRC nickname is: zak

OpenMRS is intersting to me in the way that anything that you do, to improve the platform, can have an impact on improving people’s lives around the world, and create value for health care workers.

About myself: I am big fan of English Premiere league football, and especially Manchester United. So, anybody who wants to talk football, I am here :smiley:

Good luck to you all, and see you around


I used to play it 24/7 like a couple of years ago :smiley:

Hi, everyone. It seems that I’ve already been late :worried:

First of all, I’d like to congratulate all of you for being selected this year. It’s my pleasure to know you talented guys.

I’m Weihua Chueng, a junior student majoring in Computer Science in Xian Jiaotong University, China. My nickname on internet is Ply_py, and so as the IRC handle. but sometimes you may find me via Plypy, ply_py or plypy, this is the polymorphism of different uid restrictions :smile:.(BTW, py doesn’t stand for Python)

I’ll work on the project OpenMRS ID v2.1 Platform Improvements with @r0bby and @elliott. The Dashboard aims to provide a consistent login ID over all our services, like JIRA, WIKI and TALK. My project is about improving the codebase for a more stable and robust service, as well as easing the effort of admins and future developers. I hope my works could provide you a better OpenMRS ID service.

OpenMRS is a great community doing great things for the world, as well as a friendly community for developers. I’m more than happy to work with so many interesting people, and to make real impact.

I’ve noticed that some of you are algorithm fans as I am. I hope you could achieve some in this year’s GCJ. Also I like to play e-games, especially Pokemon, and play badminton at leisure.

Cheers Cheung


It sounds like we need someone (hint, hint!) to start a new a “competitions” topic in our “Community” category! :trophy:

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Not too hard in terms of complexity. I was in the ICPC Regionals in 2014 and my team ended up #12. I was a freshman then, I plan to go with better preparations this time around. :slight_smile: But the number of teams is insanely high for regionals. So, even though the participants are capable of solving most of the problems in time, those who solve them with minimum incorrect attempts and submit early end up reaching the next rounds. I read the the entire article. It’s a pretty good read. I think I will follow the questions on the web to train and practice. I will send over to you the problems I get stuck with, it might turn into a fun discussion :slight_smile: . Maybe all of us could initiate an OpenMRS Algo Circle :stuck_out_tongue: building upon @michael’s hint :smiley:

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Nice to see a fellow RED fan here. was thinking your were PSG?

no I never liked PSG :slight_smile: twenty times Man united I say!

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Did Some one here tell PSG I am a great fan of the team Ibrahimovic :heart_eyes: @zakaria_amine Seperated by teams united by openmrs :smiley:


Hello Congrats everyone on getting selected :smile:

  1. I am Roman Zaiats from Ukraine.

  2. I am currently working on my master diploma thesis, which I will defend on Juny 16.

  3. This summer, I will be working with @darius and @mseaton on Registration module. The main goal of this project is to create central repository with patient records. For this project we will use existing MPI solutions, like OpenEMPI.

  4. IRC nickname: Approce

  5. For me: contribution to the OpenMRS - is an opportunity to make a personal contribution to saving lives. The idea that I can change the world compelled me to partcipate only in OpenMRS organization. In this year I have created only one proposal for OpenMRS organization, and thank to administration that I have passed :slight_smile:

  6. Interesting facts:

  • before July 16 I will spend quite a lot of time on my diploma.
  • I have already two Bachelor degrees: in Finances and in Computer Engineering.

Hello everyone,

Congratulations to all of you on being accepted to the OpenMRS community as part of GSoC2015. It’s nice to read a bunch of very enthusiast fellows and a couple of them from Hyderabad! – lived there for three months.

My name is David Palacios and I am from Mexico. I’ll be working with Michael Seaton on the XML Reports project which aims to solve the sharing problem of reports between implementations of the OpenMRS software. I find OpenMRS interesting because it is a way to reach and help others by using technology.

I usually try to get involved in projects that contribute to our society, currently I am participating in an initiative that seeks to recognize the work of women in our college community.

I am davidpardz on IRC as davidpardz, feel free to contact me there.

Happy coding!


Hello everyone! My name is Dmytro Trifonov, I am a 4-th year student of Sumy State University, (Sumy, Ukraine). I am studying Computer Engineering. My project: “OpenMRS 2.x SDK”, my primary mentor Rafal Korytkowski @raff.

The main idea of my project is to make improvements and implement new features for OpenMRS SDK. This features will enhance developer experience with OpenMRS 2.x

I am happy to be a part of OpenMRS community, and to make contributions into developing OpenMRS projects!

In addition to programming, I am fond of Light Athletics. I am professional sprinter on 200-400m distances, usually compete for university and regional team.


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