GSoC 2015: Chart Search Midterm Presentation

Hi everyone.

Am KAWEESI JOSEPH, mentored by @dkayiwa and @maurya. For the past month, we have been working towards making the Chart Search Module as useful to this community as never before, you may not at all want to miss what we have compiled in this presentation and soon to be released to you for usage, here is our presentation.

Just as highlighted in the presentation we have so-far successfully supported;

  1. Launching chartsearch page using it’s own patient search widget.
  2. Searching using synonyms.
  3. Displaying a summary of a number of Retrieved results and time.
  4. History
  5. Bookmarking or favoriting searches.
  6. Adding Notes/Comments onto searches.
  7. A default Search.
  8. Quick Searches.
  9. History, Bookmarks and Notes Manager.

And we are almost done with;

  1. Searching patient allergies.

ALL THE ABOVE FEATURES TO APPEAR IN Chart Search 1.3 Release which we plan to let out by early next week :smile:

What’s Next?

  1. Searching appointments.
  2. Changing current graph, (High-charts not preferred because of license issues).
  3. More categories to filter Results.
  4. Fix bugs including Providers, Time and Locations filters.
  5. Aggregate Searches.
  6. Et-cetera.

Your Feedback is very crucial to us :flashlight: Let us know if we are on the right track! is this of your interest? Any proposed changes in what we have already done? What’s your future view of this project! How best do you need the remaining features to function?, Any questions about what doesn’t seem to be clear? We shall be glad to respond etc.

Resources: Code: Wiki: Issues: GSoC 2015 until now.

Thanks for your time and feedback in advance :smile:


Hello, I think this is very useful functionality, history record what providers can find should be very helpful but I finded a little bug :smile: in Chart Search I created Issue describing the problem here I tested on this version. Regards.

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Thanks so much @natalia for all most of all testing, I have looked into the ticket though i recommend that next time, you use Project: Chart Search Module at:!default.jspa when creating chart search related tickets.

Our implementation restricts selecting a category which is showing 0 count, like in your case, When you selected Finding and searched, the results returned did not include results that belong to any of the other categories which means, you would not need to be able to select them yet they have 0 results returned, what you would do instead is to unselect all or reset and search again which will make all categories available for your selection.

Still about this GSoC’s work, we don’t yet have the current work showing up on any live demo/test server, we hope to update the servers after we release 1.3 and so all these new features are not part of the one you used for your testing.

Thanks, let me know if this answers your query! in summary, it’s not a bug, it’s a desired meaningful functionality

I added this issue to Referance Application because Chart Search is part of it. In test server is Chart Search but maybe not everything is implementing. But when I have this specific patient and I choose ‘Finding’> click ‘OK’ I have the result, and when I click on ‘Deselect All’ only ‘Finding’ is clickable, the rest options are not available. I hope that everything is understandable unless I not quite understand this functionality :smile:

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I understand you well @natalia, what you need to do extra after pressing Deselect All is press ok to apply the de-selection

Ok, now I uderstand :smile: don’t you think that without ‘OK’ will more easy?? :slight_smile:

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Alright, @natalia, let me deal with that now so that it can be part of the next release, so that Deselect All, and Select All automatically searches to apply the action without having to press Ok.

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Awsome work bro :slight_smile: :+1:

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@k_joseph, Good work, the UX/UI is nice :smile:


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@natalia, Chart Search Module 1.3 Released should have implemented your needs, thanks for your review once again