Chart Search Module 1.3 Released

As I mentioned last week in our GSoC midterm evaluation presentation that we would release Chart Search 1.3 earlier this week, It is now out and ready for your review, here is a list of new interesting features included in this Release:

  1. Searching Using synonyms.
  2. Searching Patient Allergies.
  3. Search suggestions from observations and allergies.
  4. Storing all searches in History (takes only search phrase)
  5. Bookmarking Searches (takes up both search phrase and categories)
  6. Adding Notes/Comments onto a set of returned results for a phrase
  7. Default Search
  8. Quick searches
  9. Et cetera

The release has fixed lots of previously reported bugs as you can read under 1.3 section of the module’s release notes page.

All that we have mentioned here and in the Release Notes is work we have so-far been doing from when the GSoC 2015 coding began and we are looking forward to the next Release in the closing days of GSoC 2015.

Many thanks to @dkayiwa, the mentor that’s behind all this work plus all the community members that test/review such as @natalia among others!

You can download Chart Search 1.3 from OpenMRS Modules or directly by clicking here:


@michael: May be it’s a good idea to upgrade ChartSearch Module running at from 1.2 to 1.3 for user’s review!

Not a bad idea. I’d recommend you contact the owner of that UAT server to make the suggestion: Jira Service Management

Congratulations! :trophy:

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