GSoC 2014 Student introductions

Congratulations and welcome to our selected students for Google Summer of Code 2014!

Students, please introduce yourself in this thread. Specifically, let’s hear the following:

  • Where are you from?
  • How far along are you in your education? Where are you currently enrolled?
  • Who’s your mentor and what is your project? What’s your project about in a sentence or two?
  • What is interesting about OpenMRS to you?
  • Tell us one interesting or fun fact about yourself!

Hi all,

This is Kesha Shah, a pre-final year undergraduate student pursuing B.Tech in ICT (Information and Communication technology) from Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology (DA-IICT), Gujarat, India. I am the Vice-Chair of ACM-DAIICT chapter, Convener at Programming Club at DAIICT; Google-code In 2013 mentor and Google Summer of Code 2013 student with BRL-CAD. Also, a new chapter of ‘Women Who Code’ in Gujarat is on its way, which will be co-founded by me shortly.

This summer, I would be working with @judy on the project “Blocking Algorithm”. Basically, the project is developing and implementing a data blocking algorithm that quickly uses the data elements entered during this registration to determine if the patient is existing or new to the system , or is in the 'grey zone ’ that requires processing by the patient matching module implemented in openMRS.

I am right now working on an information retrieval task for User-centered eHealth queries under clef 2014. I am particularly interested in medical domain- like using technology for making medical data and records easily accessible and available, which is why I am particularly interested in contributing to OpenMRS. And during my rural internship, I had experienced the same kind of problem as in this project. Plus, this project has an algorithmic as well as mathematical touch, which was like a cherry on cake. I think, this is the mystery behind my connection with OpenMRS and particularly this project. :smile:

And the last part, one interesting fact about me - I usually find things which people call hard to be easy and things which people call easy to be difficult. As for instance, I delayed posting this introduction, just for the mere fact that I had to think hard for this last question :stuck_out_tongue:

Cheers !

Regards, Kesha Shah


Hi everybody,

I’m Alexis Duque, a French 2dn year masters degree in software engineering and Telecoms, at an engineering school in Lyon, France. I’m interested in software and web development and particularly focus on middlewares and web API designing. I have a part-time job as a junior developer (web and middlewares) at ETIC INSA Technologies, the my school junior company.

During next 4 months, I will work on OpenMRS Atlas with @burke, and @elliott (my backup mentor, if @burke become unavailable :wink: ). We aim to make a version of the Atlas Module to be distributed within OpenMRS 2.0 as an app, including an implementation’s marker to be associated with an OpenMRS ID. So a marker could be created or revised outside of the module, directly on the Atlas Website. We will implemented some useful new functionalities too.

Contributing to OpenMRS, is my real first experience in open source development and I expect to learn a lot humanly.

To conclude, one interesting fact about me : I’m fond of sport, I practise Triathlon, and I’m a good 10 km runner (often in the top 5, French U23 category, my PB is 30’55’’).


Hi dear reader; Am KAWESSI JOSEPH an undergraduate student at Bugema University in Uganda, East Africa.

  • Am a Ugandan by birth and that’s where i live in a place called Bugema next to our University.

  • Am currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering and Application Development and am in my second year.

  • Am thankful to the OpenMRS community for accepting my proposal this year, i had applied and was not successful last year, and so you just can’t immagine how happy i am this time round.

  • My mentor is @dkayiwa, my project being Chart Search for the Reference Application and our goal briefly is building the first version of a GOOD Chart Search module for our OpenMRS Reference Application platform which will enable previleged users such as providers to be able to search through patient data such as encounters, visits and concepts. We shall use SOLR/Lucene to provide searching of a patient’s records

  • I really love the OpenMRS community and its support which is either online or through proper documentation and organization, to be sincere this is what has kept me moving and contributing continuosly, this i have been enjoying, thus openmrs has and is still giving me greater open source experience.

  • One funny fact about me is; !!! I fear quiting and this keeps me moving though things are tough and thereis much envidense to discourage me.



Hi Everyone, I am Vineet Kumar 3rd Year Undergraduate from Indian Institute of Technology, BHU, Varanasi, India. I am a guy with high ambitions and positive approach of mind in every situation.

I always try to find things which are challenging and above my comfort level. So here I am, I find GSoC very interesting. Its not about stipend or coding. Its about some have a faith in you that you are the right guy that can perform for the community. It is the belief I like in the people who consider me for any task.

Apart from this about OpenMRS. I like most about this community is that not only it is seeking interest of coders around the world but it is also saving lives from there project. Coding for a Social Service, what could be perfect than that. I love this.

The proposal I have given is about Predictive analysis and ETL (Project Details). My mentor is Gaurav Paliwal. I am developing some artificial intelligence stuff recently for a mobile app that can control a laptop (App Link). I found this project very interesting, challenging and innovative.

So here by I, Vineet Kumar declaring that the belief that community have in me is true and i will show my true dedication towards the work and the project proposal I have given.

Thanks OpenMRS for the “Believe” and Yes

“Write Code, Save Lives” .

Ohh Yeah, Lets Roll B-)


Hi everyone,

First of all I want to thank the OpenMRS team for the confidence they have shown me in selecting my proposal - it feels great!

My name is Lukas Breitwieser. I’m a Master student in Software Development and Business Management at Graz University of Technology (Austria).

Additionally I studied medicine for two years and worked as a medical clerk in the University Hospital of Graz. I spent two weeks in the department of radiology followed by two weeks almost entirely in the operation theatre assisting the surgical team during orthopedic interventions.

I have a broad spectrum of interests and love bringing ideas to life.

During the next few month I will develop an Operation theater module [0] together with my mentor @harsha89 and Mohammad Ullah.

The Project attracted me in multiple ways:

  • Impact - see my results being used in hospitals around the globe!
  • Giving back - contribute towards a project that helps to improve the health care system in developing countries.
  • Background - combine my two different educations

Beside studying, I really like doing sports. I enjoy swimming, biking, beach volleyball and many more. It really helps me to stay balanced.

I’m really looking forward to the next few months!

All the best, Lukas



Hi all,

It is a great opportunity for me to getting selected to GSoC with OpenMRS. I am Milinda Rukshan from Sri Lanka and i am currently a 3rd year undergraduate student in Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology where i follow a B.Sc (Hons) degree on Information Technology.

For the GSoC 2014 i am working on the project[1], System Performance and Utilization Module under my mentor Pascal Brandt and Jan Flowers. The main goal of this project is to develop a new OpenMRS module to supply information on system performance and utilization in order to monitor reliability and impact of the electronic medical record system installation. This module would monitor OpenMRS and transfer specific system indicators. These indicators include both low level system indicators (CPU load, memory utilization, etc.) as well as application level indicators (# logins per day per user, # of opened charts, etc.).

OpenMRS was my first open source experience and ever since i joined the community, they have been very helpful and eagerly provided guidance to new comers to carry forward which is why i felt very enthusiastic on contributing into OpenMRS. Therefore i am looking forward to finish my project with all the success.

Apart from coding, i am a die hard video game fan. When i have some free time i can almost spent the day with gaming, even forget to eat,sleep :smiley:


Thanks and cheers, Milinda


Hello guys,

I’m Wiehwa Cheung, 张伟华 in Chinese, a sophomore CS student in Xi’an Jiaotong University, China.

I’ve been coding since my high school time, and found myself loving it extremely. Though, this is the very first year I started coding for something real. While I was exploring the world of Node.js, I searched it in GSoC, and found you guys.

OpenMRS is a nice organization with great ambitions, and many interesting people. I really appreciate your idea of helping people in developing countries. Grown in a developing country myself, I can understand the meaning of having such a system. It’s very great to contribute my share into this.

Besides coding, I also like to do many interesting things in my daily life.

  • Sports, specifically badminton, basketball, football(Bayern rules!), cycling, etc.
  • Daily fun, specifically playing Rubik’s Cube, and my Nintendo 3ds, being a huge fan of Pokemon.

For the next few months, I’ll be working with my mentor @elliott, on OpenMRS ID Platform Improvements. This project aims to provide a better connections between all OpenMRS sites, and better services for our hard-working colleagues.

It will definitely be an unforgettable experience for me.

Cheers, Cheung


Hi all, First of all, I thank OpenMRS community for accepting my proposal.

I’m Aniketha , 4th year undergraduate from Keshav Memorial Institute of Technology(KMIT), Andhra Pradesh,Hyderabad,India.

During the next four months i will work with @hannes and @pascal. My project is OpenMRS RegaDB Integration. The functionality RegaDB provides should be made available from OpenMRS.

OpenMRS is my first open source experience.Everything about OpenMRS excites me. I love the caption Write Code Save Lives.

Interesting fact about me, I love to play sports like Cricket,Baminton,Basketball,Table Tennis,Volley ball.Playing sports keeps me active and in my leisure time i solve Rubik’s cubes.

Looking forward for the next few months. Surely its going to be a memorable one :smiley:

Regards, Aniketha



I am Vaibhav Agarwal,Final Year Undergraduate student pursuing B.Tech in IT(Information Technology) from Keshav Memorial Institute of Technology,Hyderabad,India.

I am very thankful to the OpenMRS Community for showing trust in me.This summer i will be working on “OpenMRS CDA Generator” Project Under guidance of Suranga Kasthurirathne and Jeremy Keiper.The Project focus on generation of CDA documents based on the user’s requests.

The work Openmrs do for developing nations. I really was motivated by the supportive nature that community provides to volunteers. Indeed, the caption “Write Code Save Lives” moves me on. Contributing to OpenMRS is my first Open Source Experience. I am Proud to work with such an Organization.

Interesting fact about me, I am a good analyzer, I apply it everywhere and Over do it ! :smiley: , I also play sports like Cricket, Volleyball.

cheers, Vaibhav Agarwal


Hi all

This is Ujjwal Arora, final year Computer Engineering student at Delhi Technological University, New Delhi, India. I have been living in Gurgaon city in India since I was born.

I have been involved in medical and healthcare projects from past 2 years. We focussed on integration of NFC (Near Filed Communication) in the healthcare scenario. We have recently developed a prototype of HealthCard which would contain all medical records of the patients for each visit. The card is read by the PCSC reader attached with the doctor’s or staff’s system. We have used card emulation mode of NFC for this.

Earlier, me and my team have developed a health sensor which connects smartphone and updates medical reading to the server after fixed time intervals.

Recently, we had started using OpenMRS for storing all our medical records on server. That’s how I learned about OpenMRS and became fan of it. The best thing about OpenMRS is the activeness of its community. It shows the passion for open-source in all of us.

I will be moving to Bangalore (India) after few months as a Software Developer at Samsung Research India.

Next 4 months, I’ll be working with @wyclif and @darius (my backup mentor) on the project “Administartion Tool for OpenMRS 2.0”. We are going to add several high priority administrative tasks to the Reference Application. The final aim is to port whole administration app, which would be carried out in parts. We would basically focus on User management app, Location management app, Advanced Settings and Records management app. I plan to build each management tool as a bundle of various Apps and then stitch everything together in one module. We are going to extensively use UI Framework.

Contributing to OpenMRS, is my real first experience in open source development and I expect to learn a lot. Surely, its gonna be memorable experience.

One funny fact about me is that every day, couple of hours of mine go in organising things and keeping everything clean as I am crazy about cleanliness and organisation. It includes everything form my hostel room to my cupboard to my laptop’s file system :stuck_out_tongue:

Cheers !! Ujjwal


Hi Everyone,

Nice to meet everyone here and very excited to be a part of Google Summer of Code and the OpenMRS community! Sorry for the delay - I have been traveling without internet access this past week.

My name is Stephen Po-Chedley and I am currently a volunteer with Partners in Health/Abwenzi Pa Za Umoyo in Malawi. At PIH/APZU I work as an advisor to the electronic medical records (EMR) team. I have largely been an OpenMRS implementer and am really excited to help with OpenMRS development. I totally buy into “Write Code Save Lives.” It is easy to see how much this open source project, OpenMRS, does just that.

I started as a volunteer in Malawi in September 2013 and will return to Seattle, WA, USA in September 2014 to complete my PhD in Atmospheric Sciences (I study climate science). With PIH I have focused on assessing the quality of the data in our EMR and helping make the system easier to use and manage. We use OpenMRS as our medical records system. When I return to Seattle this fall, I hope to continue to help my colleagues in Malawi to troubleshoot technical problems, assess data quality, prepare reports, and ideally be involved in the development of custom modules within OpenMRS.

I have never been involved in the development of open source software and am very excited for this opportunity. I will be working with Cosmin Ioan and Michael Seaton to develop a module that tracks and assesses data quality in OpenMRS.

Look forward to talking to you all more soon,


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Hi Everybody!

I am Sara Fatima, living in Hyderabad, India. I am in my final semester of Computer Science & Engineering, pursuing from Keshav Memorial Institute of Technology. This is the second year that I am associated with OpenMRS! Thanks to Google Summer of Code programme.

My mentor is Ryan Crichton, and we will be working on IHE Interoperability - Patient Administration Management project this summer. Basically this project aims to send patients registered in OpenMRS to a Health Information Exchange (HIE). This would be done using a PAM profile, which provides a standard mechanism to manage patient information between systems.

The mentors at OpenMRS have been very helpful and encouraging, which gets me back to work with them this year!!

Interesting or fun fact about me!? Well I spend my weekends with the kids (4 - 15 years age group) in my NGO, teaching then Maths and English. I believe as a school student, one needs to have strong Math, and good command over at least one language!!


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Hi everyone, I am Shubham Rai, a second year undergraduate Electronic and Communication student at International Institute of Information Technology(IIIT-H) at Hyderabad,India. I will be spending my summer working on OpenMRS Lite Module under the guidance of @jeremy.My project aim is to develop a version of OpenMRS that can be easily accessible via a mobile browser or a low bandwidth ISP. This is the first time that I am contributing for any open source project so I have much to learn from all of you, and I hope that I will be able to do that.

As for my interest, I like to regularly take part in various algorithmic competition that take place. I am an avid fan of football and tennis and follow these sports whenever I get the time. I also am fan of gaming and like to play FIFA and AOE.

Cheers Shubham Rai

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Thanks to everyone for introducing yourself to each other! I hope you’ve enjoyed learning about some of the other students participating this year.

Now, there’s one final challenge for all of you. Go to the OpenMRS Talk thread below and introduce yourself to the rest of the OpenMRS community! They might not understand about GSoC so you can explain a little bit about your project as well. The only challenge is don’t post the same information about yourself that you did here. :slight_smile: Introducing yourself in that thread will earn you the “Welcome Crew” badge. :trophy:

Head here and introduce yourself now:

Finally, remember to come back to this GSoC category with any questions you have about the program this summer!

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