Growth news from Project Buendia

Our friends at Project Buendia, the collaboration between Google & MSF that built a specialized tablet for Ebola treatment in West Africa (as well as OpenMRS-based software) have recently announced that they’re expanding their project to focus on nutrition in the last quarter of 2015.

Article about the new work in Portugese (you may want to use your favorite translation software):

After this announcement, they got quite a few people interested in volunteering. Dan Cunningham from the team has posted some ideas for potential volunteers in the project’s Google Group. Part of their need is for work on their OpenMRS module. We’re hoping to have some chats with the project team this week, too, and will be sharing opportunities to get involved here on OpenMRS Talk.

Congratulations & thank you to the Project Buendia on their good work so far. Stay tuned for more news!


Update: In our next OpenMRS Developers Forum scheduled for 3 September 2015, we will be meeting with team members from Project Buendia to hear plans for their next projects and how we can better support each others’ efforts.

Please mark your calendar and make plans to join us to hear more about this exciting project!

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Be sure to have them pass their concept requests my way! We did a lot of Ebola and are happy to do the same if nutrition is not fully covered for some reason.