Google Season of Docs (GSoD) - 2019 Documentation project Ideas.

Hi community,
I wish to pass a vote of thanks to all members who have contributed to the documentation process which is ongoing. Kindly use this link to indicate all the changes made for easy review.

In this process we are working hand in hand with students from University lead by their professor Brandon and we also have Season of Docs a head of us. for more information follow this link. Just to keep in mind its not a GSoC nor GCI project though its time bound. As a team lead by @jennifer and @c.antwi we consented to come up with a proposal by 31st March, 2019. We kindly request for your project ideas on what you wish to see at the end of this process and the technical writers/mentors to join this team.

Thanks in advance


@jwnasambu Can you provide some examples for project ideas here? It would be easy for others to get in to here :slight_smile:

I can think of three: Implementers, Users, and Developers Guides.

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Thanks for the feedback I had exempted my self from giving examples to let the community speak out first. Since you have asked, we are now working on user and Developers guide.

Re organization and aggregation of our entire documentation ; be it wiki, Gitbook etc

Thanks for your idea.

We’re still looking for ideas for Google Season of Docs! We’re looking for 1-2 solid projects that a technical writer (external to our community) can work on with us.

Examples from the Google Season of Docs website include:

  • Build a documentation site on a platform to be decided by the technical writer and open source mentor, and publish an initial set of basic documents on the site. Examples of platforms include:
  • Refactor the open source project’s existing documentation to provide an improved user experience or a more accessible information architecture.
  • Write a conceptual overview of, or introduction to, a product or feature. Often a team creates their technical documentation from the bottom up, with the result that there’s a lot of detail but it’s hard to understand the product as a whole. A technical writer can fix this.
  • Create a tutorial for a high-profile use case.
  • Create a set of focused how-to guides for specific tasks.
  • Create a contributor’s guide that includes basic information about getting started as a contributor to the open source project, as well as any rules around licence agreements, processes for pull requests and reviews, building the project, and so on.

I added a section summarising the TODO’s (Project ideas) , mentors and wiki page we need the final projects to be considered so the gaps may be filled