Google Code-in 2017 Student and Mentor meet and greet

Hello and welcome to all prospective participants in Google Code-in at OpenMRS!

Please share more info on:

  • Where you’re from,
  • What you found interesting about Google Code-in and/or OpenMRS,
  • If you participated in Google Code-in during the previous years, and
  • Some of your interests (technology or otherwise!)

We look forward to getting to know you and all the other participants over the next few months! Please use this thread only for introductions and keep conversations on the gci telegram channel.


I will start first.

My name is Ivange Larry. I’m a computer engineering student from the University of Buea, Cameroon. I’ve been part of OpenMRS for 2 years. I did my first Google Summer of Code here and was GCI 2016 mentor. This year I’ll be your admin together with @bholagabbar. We ensure the program runs smoothly for you.


Since I’m co-admin, I’ll go second :slight_smile:

I’m Shreyans, a former GSoC student and mentor at OpenMRS. Much like @ivange94, I’ve been contributing as a student developer at OpenMRS since the past 2 years. I’ve learnt a ton of great stuff on my journey contributing to OpenMRS from writing solid code, reading huge codebases and software engineering best practices. Some of the best opportunities that have come my way are because of Open Source and OpenMRS means the world to me. Read more about my work and me at

We’ll try our best to make sure you enjoy your open source journey with OpenMRS through GCI this year. Cheers!


Hey everyone!

I’m Yusuf, currently a high school senior in the U.S. and a mentor for OpenMRS’s GCI program. I’ve participated in Google Code-In 2016 with OpenMRS and absolutely loved the experience. GCI is such a great program and you’ll definitely take a lot away from it. I’m also the current Volunteer of the Month Coordinator for OpenMRS. Open source organizations are great to work with and there’s so much to learn from them even if you’re not a developer.

Hope you all enjoy this experience and we’ll definitely make sure you all have a fun time! :grinning:


Hey Guys!

My name is Sanskar Jindal and I’m from India. Google Code in gives me a chance to meet people across the globe and work with them, moreover It’s all about Open Source in which the more you contribute the more you are benefited. OpenMRS being open source organisation allows each and every keen developer to contribute to the electronic medical record systems and make it more easy to use .I participated in Google Code In previous year also :smiley: and had a great experience working with OpenMRS! I find my happiness in finding new technologies (whether it is link to internet or not)and improving them ;and by travelling places (which are within my reach :grin:).

Looking forward for another great year of GCI! :grinning:




Hey everyone!

I’m Reuben, I have been with OpenMRS for a long time now. I have been a GSoC -2017 participant with OpenMRS and I am now a mentor for GCI. I also help with leading the scrum meet along with @jtatia who also happens to be a mentor for GCI this year.

Wish you all a wonderful experience with GCI @ OpenMRS and hope you guys learn a lot!


Hi Everyone!

I’m Jude from Sri Lanka. I’m a final year student at Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology. I start my journey with OpenMRS since last year. I completed my Google Summer of Code 2017 with OpenMRS. I have been selected to be a mentor for GCI-2017. This is a very active open source community. I look forward to give my best and help the GCI students throughout the program. :slight_smile:


Jude Niroshan


Hello all,

I’m Chanuka from Sri Lanka. Currently I’m a CSE undergraduate at the University of Moratuwa. I got involved in OpenMRS with Google Summer of Code 2017 and really loved the experience. So I joined as a mentor for GCI in the hope of helping GCI participants have a great experience.

Learn as much as you can & enjoy the work here. We as a community are grateful for your contributions. Looking forward to a wonderful GCI 2017! :slight_smile:


Hi everyone ! :smiley:

I’m Jai, a 3rd year CSE undergraduate at the Indian Institute Of Technology Patna. I have been part of the OpenMRS community for the past year, and worked on one of the projects in Google Summer Of Code - 2017.I’ll be acting as a mentor for GCI - 2o17.

Hope you all enjoy this open-source experience with GCI @ OpenMRS :smile:


Hi everyone! :grinning:

I’m Fawwaz from Indonesia. I am very excited to join GCI 2017 as a student (again) as I gained a lot of experience working in a friendly open source community last year at GCI 2016. I personally chose OpenMRS not only because I have knowledge of Java (even though not too advanced) but also it enables us to help patients all over the world, and, eventually, save lives. Would love to contribute so more people are interested in a free, open medical record system! Some of my personal interests include developing Android apps, reading and playing badminton in my spare time.

Looking forward to another year of GCI! :grinning:


Hello everyone

My name is Bagiire Tyler.I am from Uganda and I am starting my secondary school education soon.I happy to be part of this great community of OPENMRS.I would love to learn more from the members since it is my first time to be part of an open source community.I am very interested in computer games and I would also love to learn to write code.

I will appreciate if I am considered as a GCI participant. Thank you.


Hello everyone!

I’m Anthony from Hong Kong. I’m excited to gain more knowledge or experience from this community! I’ve participated GCI-2016 and this is the first time that im working with OpenMRS :grin:. I would like to learn more from you guys. I like Java and I want to know more about it because I only know about the basic. Let’s enjoy GCI-2017 together!


Hi all, I’m Chaitya Shah. I’m a student at Georgia Tech studying computer science. In years past, I was a GCI Finalist with another org, grand prize winner, mentor, and admin with OpenMRS, and this year I’ll be mentoring again. I look forward to working with you all, and good luck! Feel free to message me on telegram with any questions if you want to know something about my experiences!


Hey everyone! :palm_tree:

I’m Mira Yang and I’m a high school senior (final year) from the US and I will be an OpenMRS GCI mentor this year! I was winner for last year’s GCI competition, and it was a crazy and rewarding experience.

Besides working with OpenMRS, I’m also involved with computationally designing vaccine immunogens (have designed ones for Zika, HIV, and SIV) and plan on going into healthcare.

Good luck everyone! I’ll do my best to help out when I can and get to know some of you guys :tada:


My name is Amritanshu Ranjan and I’m from India. The thing I found interesting about Google Code-in is that it gives us young students a much needed exposure to programming and more computer-related stuff. I also find the concept of ‘Open Source’ very interesting. My first date with computers was when I was 5 and I immediately fell in love with it. Till now, she has been very good to me and also I too love learning MORE about her !! Also, just the thought that we can help save precious lives just by writing code is what drives me to work with you guys in this edition of the GCI. The thought just doubles the fun!! This is my 2nd time participating in GCI (1st was the year 2016-17). Now, I love football :soccer: (Messi fan) and also love learning about tech-related stuff.

Looking forward to enjoy with you all this year !!

Thanks !! :grinning:



Hi all,

I’m Suthagar from Sri Lanka. Currently, I’m a CSE undergraduate at the University of Moratuwa. I had a chance to get involved in OpenMRS with Google Summer of Code 2017 and had some work with Andela Team. Then I joined as a mentor for GCI in the hope of helping GCI students.

Looking forward to a wonderful GCI 2017! :slight_smile: Write Code and Save lives!


@amritanshu do you plan to marry her? :smile:


Hey Guys!

My name is Nayansh Gupta and I’m from India. Google Code in gives me a chance to compete with people across the globe and work with them and exploring new things related to the tech world. I participated in Google Code In last year too and had a great experience with OpenMRS! I gained a lot by working with openmrs last year. Some of my personal interests include Travelling, Cricket, and exploring and gaining more about technology.

Looking Forward to another great year of GCI working with OpenMRS ! :grinning:




My name is Julia Wang, and I am a high school sophomore from the Seattle area. Even though this is only my first year participating in Google Code-In, I can already tell that this experience will be super rewarding! I find it so cool that Google Code-In allows people with similar interests all over the world to communicate and work together. Additionally, this is my first time experiencing and being a part of an open source community. Besides coding, I love to run and swim, or just hang out with m friends.

Looking forward to Google Code-In! Julia


Hey guys! I’m Matthew Whitaker from he United States. I am a high school junior, and have been programming for several years on my own and am now getting a formal school training in computer science. I competed in GCI last year and am excited to start again this year! I joined Google Code-in because I found the idea of open-source software development exciting. I found OpenMRS interesting because of the opportunities that they provide for many areas in the world.

I love programming, reading, astronomy, math, science, and am currently studying Japanese and French. I play the cello and am in the boy scouts. I have been programming for 6 years.