Getting error after running the command "npm install".

Am trying to set up an Environment to help me contribute to OCL project. I am following this link as a guide. I have successfully install node which is confirmed by running node -v and the output is v12.15.0 and npm whose version is 6.13.4. but when I run ``` npm install command to install the dependencies, I get this error log I have tried to google a round for the solution but all is in vain. How can I go about it?

cc @dkayiwa

Try installing and building wit Yarn.

What do you have in here? 1. C:\Users\JULIE\AppData\Roaming\npm-cache_logs\2020-02-14T09_06_33_2. 470Z-debug.log

I tried using yarn but still got the same error

I have tried to trace the npm-cache_logs using command prompt but I get this error “The system cannot find the path specified.” but when I run “dir” command after cd npm-cache I get this logs of which when I try to tress the log “2020-02-14T09_06_33_2. 470Z-debug.log” it doesn’t exist.

@dkayiwa when I track manually, this are the logs in npm-cache file


Can you delete them, and then run again?

Thank you let me do it right a way

After deleting the logs and running “npm install” command, this is the error log I have tried to check the C:\Devel\nodejs\npm-cache_logs\2020-02-14T14_08_16_608Z-debug.log link to find out what is in the folder by running this command

C:\Users\JULIE>cd Devel
but this is what I get
The system cannot find the path specified. I have tried to access the folder manually but all in vain

Could you maybe re-try running npm install? The file it’s trying to download exists and the ECONNRESET could be an intermittent issue. Otherwise, you’ll need to install the prerequisites outlined here.