Get Ready for GSoC '23: Join Our Session on Submitting a Strong Proposal

Dear :openmrs: Community,

We are excited to announce that we will be hosting a session for GSoC students on 2023-03-02T13:00:00Z. This session will be focused on getting students ready to submit a GSoC proposal for OpenMRS.

During the session, we will cover important topics such as conducting effective engagement, asking the right questions, attending the right calls, and picking the appropriate ticket to work on. We will also discuss how to engage with the community to increase your chances of being selected for the program.

In addition to engagement, we will discuss how to write a strong GSoC proposal that meets our expectations and adheres to the template provided. We will also provide information on how we select proposals for the program, giving students insight into what we are looking for in a successful submission.

Finally, we will be holding a Q&A session where students can ask any questions they have about the GSoC program, submitting proposals, or anything else related to OpenMRS.

We encourage all students interested in participating in GSoC with OpenMRS to attend this session. Please note that the session will take place at 2023-03-02T13:00:00Z, so please adjust your schedule accordingly. We look forward to seeing you there!

Zoom Link: Launch Meeting - Zoom

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cc: @kdaud @jennifer @ian @dkayiwa @dennis @vasharma05 @anjisvj @hadijah315 @piumal1999 @heshan @kumuditha


The session recording can be found here:


@jayasanka great looking forward to the meeting. Thanks for this intiative.

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thanks @jayasanka looking forward to the session

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Thank you @jayasanka Looking forward to the meeting.

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Thanks @jayasanka That is awesome, I am looking forward to attending this session

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@jayasanka Thank you, Looking forward to the session

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Wow, what an amazing session we had yesterday! We had a fantastic turnout with around 40 participants, and we hope everyone who attended found it informative and helpful in their preparations for the program.

@kdaud and I covered a range of important topics, including effective engagement, selecting the right ticket to work on, writing a strong proposal, and engaging with the OpenMRS community. We also provided insights into what we look for in a successful GSoC proposal, giving students a competitive edge when submitting their proposals.

The Q&A session was particularly engaging, and we loved hearing from students who had insightful questions about the program and the submission process. We also wanted to acknowledge José González, @suubi7 , @juliet, @edison, @jnsereko for their excellent participation during the session. They asked some thought-provoking questions that helped to deepen the discussion and shed light on important topics. It’s always inspiring to see the enthusiasm and dedication that students bring to the table.

@anjisvj, @piumal1999, @kumuditha, @vasharma05 and @heshan could you please share your previous proposals with us? We’re eager to see examples of the kind of work that has been successful in the past, and we know that your insights will be valuable to other students preparing their own proposals. Thanks in advance for your help!

For those who were unable to attend, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. You can check out the recording of the session

Once again, we encourage all students interested in participating in GSoC with OpenMRS to submit their proposals by the deadline. We can’t wait to see what amazing proposals you come up with! :hugs:


@jayasanka and @kdaud thanks for the session really helped to get us on the right page.

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Hi everyone,

Please find my Gsoc proposal here.

Thank you!


@jayasanka and @kdaud Thanks for the session

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Thank you for the amazing session.

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Hello everyone, Please find my proposal below. Refer to my final evaluation thread for more insights about my project.

Good luck with your proposals. Feel free to reach me through slack or talk.


Thanks @anjisvj and @kumuditha for sharing your proposals!

@suubi7 @lumuchris256 @aditygrg @havre @juliet @sienna1022 please join #gsoc channel on our slack workspace.


Hi all! I did GSoC in 2021 and 2022, and you can find my project proposals at these links:

2021: Piumal Rathnayake - GSoC Student Application - Google Docs

2022: Piumal Rathnayake - GSoC 2022 Student Application - Google Docs

Feel free to reach out through the slack channel if you have any doubts. Good luck with your proposals


Thank you @piumal1999 , for showing us what a clear, clean and strong proposal looks like. It turned out to be very helpful educational material for newbies like me

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@jayasanka I am already member of the openMRS slack community

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Thank you so much @anjisvj for sharing your prosal to us who are interested in this gsoc2023 program. Honestly this proposal has given me all I was looking for about writing a prosal. I sincerely appreciate that and will be it archieved in m files as a refrence.


this session is going to be really helpful for us in writing the proposal. thanks, OpenMRS community for organizing this session.

You are welcome.

I am grateful for the opportunity to participate in this session on proposal writing. I am confident that it will provide me with valuable insights that I can apply to my own proposal and help me make it stronger. Thank you