Proposal Guide: Responsiveness & Tablet-based Needs for OpenMRS 3 Project GSoC 2023


Hello everyone,

This thread is for contributors who are interested in the Responsiveness & Tablet-based Needs for OpenMRS 3 project. I hope this thread provides useful guidance for those writing proposals for the project.

The main objective of this project is to make the responsiveness of the application consistent throughout devices. Consistency in design and functionality is key for a user-friendly application. Also, centralizing elements such as data tables on every page improves user experience.

Here are a few things a good proposal should contain.

  • Requirement gathering (Identifying bugs/issues)

    • Going through the application (especially new modules such as OCL, Cohort builder, and Form builder)
    • Going through zepline designs.
  • Identified issues in Tablet-based screens

  • Identified issues in Laptop based screens

  • Implementation plan for

    • Tab based responsiveness
    • Laptop based responsiveness
  • Wireframes depicting the designs

  • Prioritizing tasks based on importance and urgency.

    • This could involve creating a timeline, setting milestones, and establishing deadlines.

Make sure to use the GSoC '23 Contributor Application Template (Updated) and follow the guidelines.

For more information, take a look at the recent session held on writing a strong GSoC proposal here.

Submit your draft proposals now for feedback, we are here to help. And, make sure to submit your final proposal on or before April 04th.

Good luck!!

Feel free to post your thoughts and questions in this thread.

cc: @vasharma05 @grace @jayasanka @kdaud

@shashank01 @dilankavishka @pratiksha @juliet @sumedha


Thanks @kumuditha for sharing the project overview it will be really helpful for me to think straight about the task. actually, I am confused about the repository of this project so can you please provide the link to the project repository? or this is the repo----

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This is so great @kumuditha. We are excited to having a dedicated, interested and committed candidate work on the project during this year’s summer under your and @vasharma05 's guidance :smile:

If there could be a way of pinging all the GSoC potential candidates to read the caption above, I would have done it.

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The proposal above is for 2021 and this year we made few adjustments in the document thus redirecting to GSoC '23 Contributor ApplicationTamplate - Google Docs

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Hi @kumuditha, malli, I have some trouble finding any open issues in a related repository. Could you please provide me with a link?


Hi @akshat2001, thank you for bringing this up.

These are the repos that we are currently focusing on

Also, take look at:

If you need support setting up the micro-frontends take a look at OpenMRS Frontend 3.0 Documentation for Developers. Feel free to ask any questions for further clarification.

Thank you, @kdaud, for sharing the document. I’ve updated it above as well. Much appreciated!

Hello @bimsarabodaragama,

Thank you for flagging this. You can find issues related to the OpenMRS 3.x frontend on JIRA. To access these issues, please request access to the issue tracker using this link.

Also, take look at this thread Interested Contributors, Get Ready for GSoC 2023

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@kumuditha I am trying to run this application on my local server and I have already sign-in in to OpenMRS but it is not considering that info. can you share if there is any particular username and password so I can open it? image

@akshat2001, here the username is “admin” and the password is “Admin123”

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ok ,Thank you

hey @kumuditha I have made some changes in openmrs- patient-management section to make the appointments section responsive but I am not able to push my code in my forked GitHub repo. and i have already committed all the changes in the file but it is showing this whenever i use the command git push.

can you please help or suggest me anything on this issue?

Hi @akshat2001, It seems like a lint related error, will you be able to send the whole error in pastebin.

@kumuditha here is the link of Pastebin : - Locked Paste

The pastebin is locked, could you make it open


Thank you for sharing, but I don’t see an error message in the pastebin link above, could you paste it again? Have you tried running yarn run lint --fix?

but I have already pasted it there as you can see

and yeah I already install lint and run the command but it does not fix the issues.

can anybody tell me why this repository is not running on the local server now? I was trying multiple times but it show me this error. previously it is working properly but when i forked it again and run it show me this error.

@akshat2001, URL is not working at the moment that’s why it throws this error. @ibacher do you have any insights about this issue?

cc: @vasharma05