Generating and Sending FHIR data to an external endpoint

I am looking for instructions to send a FHIR request from OpenMRS to an external end-point

  1. How do I extract the data from an existing report
  2. How do map the fields from my report to the FHIR metadata
  3. How do I post the completed FHIR to an external url
  4. How do I put additional headers needed for validation

Thanks in advance


@ssmusoke, how much of what you are looking for will be addressed in the Digital Square Notice D RFP that we recently responded to?

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CC @ibacher @pmanko - this seems like an excellent question that warrants clear response. And not only on Talk; we should probably have documentation that clearly spells this out.

@ssmusoke while we wait for their response, can I ask a simple question: Have you already installed the FHIR2 module?

More documentation on that here: OpenMRS FHIR Module - Projects - OpenMRS Wiki