Sending Data from OpenMRS to an external End-point

Continuing the discussion from Generating and Sending FHIR data to an external endpoint:

What is the OpenMRS module/way of sending data form within an installation to an external end-point, was looking through sync2 but got lost in the atom-feed module

Shouldn’t this be something inbuilt?

@dkayiwa any ideas on where I can start looking or digging? If there is nothing simple and Generic can we add this to the OpenMRS Conference Hackathon?

well, @ssmusoke I have worked on a project that sends data from OpenMRS to an external endpoint, though the implementation I used was a combination of custom code and some inbuilt functionality in OpenMRS. so, my implementation was using Unirest as the client to make the request, and then automate the process using OpenMRS scheduler.

hope this helps.

Thanks, do you have example code to illustrate?

I generally look for having such functionality in within OpenMRS so that different implementations do not re-invent the wheel