General test thread: Test things out here!

If you need to test things out, do it in this thread!

testing some more and need characters.

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Testing again. Need more characters!

And here I am replying to your post via e-mail!

Test :non-potable_water:

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Some one reply to this thread. Testing out email notifications.

ok i’ll reply to this thread through the web interface…

Hey Mike, how can we edit a post? How can we include a link in a post?

Hi @r_friedman. You should be able to edit your own topics or replies by clicking the grey “pencil” icon below each one, next to the blue “Reply” button. You might have to expand the list at times by clicking the “…” icon. Generally speaking, you can only edit your own content.

You can either use Markdown syntax for links or use the “chain link” icon in the editor, just to the right of the I icon for italics.

Hope this helps!

I do not get a pencil icon. I do not get a … icon. I do not get an editor.