Cool oneboxing you can do on OpenMRS Talk

Oneboxing is a cool way to embed content from other URL’s in your posts here on OpenMRS Talk. Several different sites are supported. This thread will show some examples of each.

Generally speaking, all you need to do to embed a onebox is place a URL (web address) on a line by itself in your post. Here are some samples.

Note: I included the URL above each sample so you’ll know what’s been linked. Normally, it doesn’t appear for oneboxed items.


Specific files on GitHub:

GitHub commits:

GitHub pull request:

Wikipedia entry:

Onebox other OpenMRS Talk threads:

Onebox specific posts in a given OpenMRS Talk thread:

Images, generally (Note: Images from other sites will be automatically copied and stored locally on OpenMRS Talk in case they “disappear” later from remote servers.)

<img src='/uploads/default/35/cfe05ee273259d96.png'>

If you discover more oneboxes that you find useful, please add them to this thread!


Google Maps short links:

This is not exactly a Onebox but will probably make @burke happy:


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Very cool. But in my first attempt at using it

I ran into a few places where it didn’t work as expected.

This works:

But these didn’t work as I had hoped:


Lorem ipsum dolor sit.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit.

It looks like Oneboxing isn’t supported inline (yet).

Oneboxing never works anything but on a separate line, not just for JIRA.

Too bad. There are places where inline would be nice (e.g., in a list or indented within context). Oh well. It’s nice to have in any case.

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Oneboxing for wiki pages?


The person who did the plugin for JIRA is also thinking about doing one for Confluence, unless you want to beat him to it. :wink: