General actions configuration in Registration Summary

Hello community

Currently in the general actions section in the in the reff app ui is empty ie

The idea is that this section should not have the same configurations as those in the general actions’ section in the patient dashboard page of coreapps.

Any thoughts on what new custom configurations could be added in the general actions in the

@mksd @mogoodrich @mozzy @ruhanga

@gcliff I am assuming you intend to display your documentation tools either under General Actions. You could define what appears on both General Actions and Current Visit Actions. Are you looking for this Form Not Visible in Configure Metadata - Manage Forms in Reference Application

There could be a link to navigate to the clinical dashboard, as much as the clinical dashboard has a link to navigate to this registration summary dashboard.

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not looking for this exactly, i just needed some opinions on what you think might go under the general actions section of the

thanks @mksd,makes sense :+1: