GCI Follow-up: Blog Posts

(Svitlana Honcharuk) #1

Hi everyone!

Congratulations to everybody who went through this GCI period! We’ve just hit an important milestone which means that the contest officially ends in 2 days.

I cannot express how grateful I am for all the support both from mentors and from students and from community members. I decided to write a small blog post while my impressions are still fresh. I used to read a lot of Medium posts before GCI, that’s why it’s kind of my way to give back. Here it is

To every student who is reading this, I encourage you to do this as well. I believe we all have something to say. There are not so many blogs about Google Code-In experience with OpenMRS, and it’s in our hands to fix it, right? :wink:

(Juliet Wamalwa) #2

@lana it has been great having you all in this competition and I must say we have been impressed by your work as mentors. Honestly I didn’t anticipate this anyway, everything has the beginning and an end we wish you the best.

(Yusuf Karim) #3

Loved the read! Appreciate all your work @lana Sad to see the competition end, but look forward to the future. :+1:

(Svitlana Honcharuk) #4

It’s not the end, just the beginning :wink:

(Daniel Kayiwa) #5

@lana this is a great initiative! I was about to say that am going to miss you a lot and then read this from your blog post: “I’m definitely going to stay in the community after GCI ends:smile:

In a special way, i would like to thank you for your awesome contribution and the patience you have exercised, because i remember you are one of those who had a task that hit the 36hr limit while waiting for review. But in all this, you calmly and patiently waited, while doing other things! :slight_smile:

(William Zhang) #6

Thanks for the great post, I really think it sums up our time with OpenMRS well. I hope we will all continue with OpenMRS after the contest ends! Good luck to all.

(Satvik Shrivastava) #7

Hey @lana!

Thank you for sharing your experience. Working with OpenMRS has been an amazing experience for me aswell. :slight_smile:

(Daniel Kayiwa) #8

@satvikshri did you consider sharing that experience in a blog post?

(Satvik Shrivastava) #9

Hey @dkayiwa!

I’m just waiting for the contest to end. I will be more than happy to share my experience with you guys! :slight_smile:

(Aditya Bisht) #10

Hey @lana it was a great experience and my luck to find awesome people like you as my competitors :grin:.

Me too @dkayiwa :smiley:. Just like @satvikshri waiting for all the things to wind up. Would surely create a blog post :smile:

(Suthagar Kailayapathy) #11


Please share your blog posts here :smile:,

Cc : @lana

Regards, Suthagar