GCI-2018 : Blog posts and articles from GCI students

Hi every one,

The Google Code-in 2018 reached the end. There are more than 800+ students worked with OpenMRS this year. Hope everyone gets a lot of experience and knowledge through this year Google Code-in.

Please share your blog post (it may have your experience or summarized works you have done so far) or articles here with other community members. It will increase your potential among the community and lead you to the next position.

Some great points that we expect from your blog posts or articles are (it may contain any from your view: smile:)

  • Summarized work which you have done so far Google Code-in
  • Especially what you have done to OpenMRS apart from GCI
  • Experience through the Google Code-in
  • Message and encouragements to the next year participants.

Please keep in mind that, you shouldn’t express any of your personal information in the shared blog posts or articles :slight_smile:

Kind Regards, Suthagar.


Hi! @suthagar23, thanks for creating this thread :wink:

Here is my blog post

Can’t wait to read my fellows ones as well :slight_smile:


Hey @suthagar23!

Thanks for creating this thread. It will give students a chance to share their experiences with the community.

Working with OpenMRS has been an amazing experience till now. I loved contributing to OpenMRS and looking forward to doing more. I have shared my experience here which also mentions a portfolio of my contributions to OpenMRS.

I have created a repository dedicated to OpenMRS submissions comprising details on my design contributions. You can check it here.

I have learned a lot in this two months. Thank you GCI and OpenMRS for providing me with opportunities.

Thank you! :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing your experience too I wish you the best.

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The Google Code-In 2018 is in its twilight. So I thought why not share my experience through a blog.

Here is my blog :smiley:

Congratulating all the mentors and participants who have made it this far. You guys are the best :smile:


Thanks for sharing your experience we wish you lack in your career . You and @lana have been our good whistle blower. We shall surely miss the entire GCI 2018 group.

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Here is my medium post about my experience. It was a really amazing journey with OpenMRS in Google code-in this year :grin:


Hey! @suthagar23

Here is my Blog

It was really great working with OpenMRS, really enjoyed!

Hats of to all the mentors Hard works and efforts!


Thank you to everyone who made this year’s GCI with OpenMRS a success. I wish all of my peers luck and hope that they will also continue their contributions to OpenMRS.

You can view my blog here.

My in-progress GitHub repo can be found here.

Hope you enjoy it!

Thanks, WZCoding


hey there, thank you for creating this thread!

I have literally fell in love with the audaciousness of the excellent motive of OpenMRS. I just loved the experience I gathered and gained in these periods of my participation in GCI 2018. Working with open MRS has infact become a life thruster for me, as I learned a lot about Open Source, Got to experience like a professional, Gained experience from existing members and seniors.

the link does not open though :sunny:

now it works :slight_smile:

Hey I’ve accounted my experience of the contest in this blog post. Sorry for being a bit late, as I was quite busy with my school and exams.

It was an amazing experience working with OpenMRS again. The experience and memories I got this year are incomparable. It was great working with everyone. Thank you to all the mentors for their utmost patience and guidance. Also to all my fellow co-participants for their constant support.

Thank you!


Here is my link (https://experienceopenmrs.blogspot.com/2018/12/my-google-code-in-2018-experience-with.html).

I enjoyed a lot with variety of tasks and excitement.

Thank you OpenMRS!


One piece of advice: you should ensure that no personal information is shared in your blog post.