GCI-2019 Winners and Finalists are officially Announced!

Hi Everyone, The Finalists of Google Code-in 2019 have been announced.

Congratulations to all the finalists who got their names on the list.










Thanks @saadkhaleeq :smile:

thinking about ur feelings. how by the way?:stuck_out_tongue:

I’m on the highest point of my life, the feeling can’t be expressed in words :smile:


Hello @ajeymuthiah, please don’t get disappointed, success and failure are part of life, one should learn to convert their failures into another opportunity to learn, grow and succeed :smiley: Sorry to say, but you sound too rude above.

Kindly have a look at above post, to see where you lacked, maybe you could improve yourself in those areas where you lacked :smile:

Although I’m not a mentor, I’d like to add few more cents, you have directly pointed out some students which I think more or less seems like a personal attack. @permissionerror did some great work in Infrastructure, I’d say he deserves to be the first winner then me. Also @devanshk09 did high number of task with considerable quality and very good outside contribution especially in Android Client. Lastly @risky.case was a finalist last year too, he’s an amazing JS Developer, and did a lot of good work in React and GoLand Tasks. I saw all these people helping each other and other students throughout the contest especially on Telegram.

Hope you get my point.

Thank you :smile:

PS: I agree with @mozzy, what you said is against the spirit of GCI, good luck for future :slight_smile:


Good point , take an example of @permissionerror , he may not have done much GCI work , but the work he has done in the community , By default he qualifies to be the winner. We not only consider GCI tasks (which in most cases are not useful in real world , but rather a learning platform to students), but we consider the general interaction of the student with the community and their work outside GCI tasks which @permissionerror and @prathamesh009 have greatly excelled in that .


I really understand your point and I wouldn’t judge you for sharing your feelings. You all worked hard and it took mentors days to come up with the winners. @suthagar23 communicated earlier that doing many GCI tasks doesn’t make you a winner. There were many things we based on while selecting the winners a long side the GCI tasks. The participation in the community was key. The Google goal is to help the student get familiar with the open source projects and be able to contribute to the community which many of you ignored. Kindly, it pains when you don’t get what you expected but I would suggest get close to the winners learn some tips from them so that next year you become the winner too.

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Its hard to review your work since all mentors are busy working on different projects and besides GSoC is a bout to begin. if we do so, another student will request for an evaluation. You were over 400 students in openmrs community when will we ever finish? besides we can’t access your work all through because Google will soon restrict access to it. I believe you are a bright student who knows what to do and can’t settle for less. As an up coming best software developer, you need to learn to share information and ask where you need to improve that is why I refereed you to your friends. Everyone has something unique to learn from, you inclusive. I wish you the best as you prepare for next year’s GCI.


Congratulations everyone, especially @permissionerror and @prathamesh009! I just want to thank all the mentors who gave me feedback on my tasks, as well as all the more experienced students who helped others out on Telegram. This community helped me grow from someone who barely knew anything about code and who couldn’t answer any questions into someone who actually understood Git, React, design principles, etc at the end of a month.

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting to be a finalist, but I’m happy that my progress has been recognised ~ Good luck to everyone next year, and hope we can learn more together! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@ajeymuthiah I’m not the best at designing, that’s why I took those tasks during times where coding tasks were not available (my strongest area) in order to improve. I cannot draw a single thing to save my life, my digital art skills are only marginally better than my hand drawn. But that’s why I’m doing it: To improve.

I do not appreciate the insulting tone you used when judging my work, but I do acknowledge that those are not my best areas.


Hello every one,


Congratulations to the Winners, Runners up, Finalists, and all other students. You all did a great job among OpenMRS and hope you learned a lot also :partying_face:.

I think I was too late to this chat :smile:, GCI Students, I hope we all treated and mentored you considered as a kid of OpenMRS, and helped to make the works better than you submitted. We helped you to learn about community and how to behave and keep polite in the community where your digital footprints will be your title forever in the community.

We are about more than 15 mentors were involved in a huge discussion regarding the selection, and we considered a lot before finalizing our decisions. So I hope, We did our maximum on this!!!

Thanks a lot for the valuable memories also :smile: Please keep try in the upcoming years and show your talents to the world.!




I just wanted to answer a few questions,

Could you able to check the community involvement, task counts, working on the community tickets, and Public talks? Not only having a high-quality submission/ Not only having a huge community involvement / Not only a smart person does not help you to harvest the title of the winner. You should be an all-rounder and should to keep the balance between all the aspects which are required.

Keep in mind one thing that, Following a reference, and doing some on top of that or based on that with GIVING THE CREDITS to the original work, will not fall into the Plagiarism. If you just copied someone else works and submitted it as yours, that is a huge Plagiarism!.

Great and Thanks. By the time, you should think about - How much of your work used for OpenMRS? As a community - we should start work on the community prioritize tasks at very first.

First of all, All kids should understand that this is not a place to blaming or criticizing a person!!. We(Not only OpenMRS - all of the OpenSource Orgs) are strictly following those rules and eliminating the persons who missed to follow the community culture.

We as mentors and Admins spent around 2-3 days for a lot of discussions for the selections. So if you are not in the winners’ list, that means - You missed to keep the balance between the required facts for winner selections. You should think like a way to find out your missing balances, and you should try to focus more on those in the future…!

So please, keep the community clean for future students :slight_smile: This shouldn’t be a showcase / Path for the future GCI Students…!



First of all, what happened in this thread is disrespectful and not acceptable.

If people have questions and feedback about the tasks, the competitors or what so ever (all fair and good), you are all welcome to ask generic questions in a public forum or specific questions about individuals to some of our core community members.

Questions are welcomed, always.

Disrespectful behaviour is not. I’m taking this to the moderators and we’ll see what will happen.


Congratulations everyone. You all did a great job :partying_face: :partying_face:

Second, I’d like to again thank @permissionerror on all his efforts. It has been amazing, you did so so much work for infrastructure that I cannot even being to thank you for all your top quality infrastructure changes you did.

I don’t know the rules of GCI, but it has been incredible.


Congrats @permissionerror @prathamesh009 @michelle14 @ribhavsharma and @risky.case and everyone for successful GCI and thanks to all the mentors and org admins for bringing a wonderful GCI for all of us.

congratulations to all the GCI students,and great thanks to all the mentors and the admins that made this happen!!

As I mentioned in a previous post, the GCI organizers will be deciding how to best proceed to make sure students have a fair way to ask for feedback even when that involves a direct task or person. This will take a couple of days.

If you’ve been moderated, it’s on your benefit to just wait to make sure we can get to a good outcome. Please refrain from creating new accounts. Let’s try to solve this within the community in a respectful way.

Congs to all GCI students and a word of thanks to all mentors for the precious time invested in making GCI-2019 a success!!

Congratulations to all of you for the good work you have done for OpenMRS, I believe you have learnt a lot in this GCI. Keep it up, and please stay focussed with a good spirit.