GCI-2019 : Last week of Google Code In - Hurry up guys

Hi Students,

We successfully passed 7 weeks of the period in Google Code-in, and there is only one more week to reach the end. I just wanted to mention the deadlines for the students,

  • Tuesday, January 21st 18:00 UTC - Deadline for GCI students to claim their final task
  • Thursday, January 23rd 18:00 UTC - Deadline for GCI students to submit their work
  • Friday, January 24th 18:00 UTC - Deadline for mentors to review student’s work
  • Monday, February 10 - Winners and Finalists will be announced

So please make sure deadlines, and claim and submit your last task before the deadlines.

Don’t forget to claim your final task : Final Task : Wrapping up your work during the Google Code-in 2020

Further, read about the posts regarding the winner selections,

  1. GCI 2019: How to become a Finalist of Google Code in?
  2. Plagiarism - What will happen, If I copied some one’s work?

Cheers :smile:


Thanks @suthagar23 I will also request mentors to review our work little faster in these 3 days. Although mentors are spending there imp time in GCI. It is really a great experience for me with OpenMRS. :grinning:

I think that there’re too much tasks been submitting as there’re few days left now. :grinning::smile:

Thanks @suthagar23! Looking forward to completing the final task.

Thanks @suthagar23, looking forward to all these events and to find out who’s the lucky one

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Thanks @suthagar23

Thanks @suthagar23, I’ve question, If I’m unable to get GoLang-3 approved by the time of deadline, should I abandon it and claim Final Task as it is labeled as compulory :smile:

@prathamesh009 that’s up to your risk :slightly_smiling_face: