GCI - 2018 : Plans, Proposals, and open invite to join in!

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(Ungku Zoe Ungku Fa'iz) #21

Hi! I would like to mentor too! Fourth year’s the charm :smiley: wow… feels so long since being a participant in 2014 :frowning:

(Jeyasumangala Rasanayagam) #22

Hi @suthagar23,
Thanks for this detailed information and I would like to be a mentor for the GCI-2018. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Suthagar Kailayapathy) #23

Thanks every one for volunteering as the mentors this time :slight_smile:. I hope to see every one actively help the students during the contest time.

We have created a mentor application form to collect some necessary information for the process. It’s a short 5 minutes google form. So I expect that all mentors can fill it quickly. It is important for us that our mentors are both capable and available for mentoring high school students during this contest. That is why we created this form so we get to understand our mentors better and help to run the program in a success way.

Everyone that will be added as a mentor must fill the form. I understand, we are all busy but 5 minutes might not be a problem if you plan to commit more than an hours to help the students. Here is a link to the form :


(Juliet Wamalwa) #24

The form is restricted one needs permission to access. Kindly remove the restrictions.

(Burke Mamlin) #25

@suthagar23, if you moved the form under the GCI drive folder (as I hope you did), you will need to explicitly open it back up to be available to anyone with the link.

The GCI folder isn’t publicly accessible by default, since it may contain non-public resources.

Update: I found the form on Google drive and opened it up so it should work for anyone with the link. This changed the link to https://goo.gl/forms/yyLHP4Z6NwiufvrT2, so I updated the link in @suthagar23’s post.

(Suthagar Kailayapathy) #26

Thanks @burke for the kind update. Sorry, I forgot about the accessibility when I move it to the GCI folder.

Mentors, please complete that form as soon as possible. We need to update the GCI Wiki page with the mentor’s list and start to work on the tasks.

(tendo kiiza Martyn) #27

@suthagar23 thanks

(Prabodh Kotasthane) #28

Hey @suthagar23, I would love to be a mentor! :smile:

(Suthagar Kailayapathy) #29

Hi everyone

Based on their wishes and the contributions, Yusuf Karim (@ykarim250) and Sanatt Abrol (@mavrk) will Co-Administrate the program along with me :slight_smile: . Congratulations for both of them :smile:

Still, we only get about 10 responses in the Google Form. So mentors, please complete that form as soon as possible. We need to update the GCI Wiki page with the mentor’s list and start to work on the tasks. If you are not unable to complete the mentor registration before the 13th of September (14:00 UTC) , then you may not be on the list of mentors since we need to finalize the list to apply.

I request each mentors to participate in the discussions and task creations to make this contest effectively for the kids. Please check the #gci2018 discussions in the talk at least once a day. :slight_smile:

(Suthagar Kailayapathy) #31

I would like to finalize the mentor list for GCI-2018. Still I am waiting for some Google form responses which are essiential to complete the process. So @uzanysa and @bholagabbar, Could you please complete the Mentor Application form which is given here.

(Chanuka Wijayakoon) #32

@suthagar23 if any mentor positions are left, count me in :slight_smile: Filled the Google form.

(Suthagar Kailayapathy) #33

Thanks, everyone for your commitment and support to be as a mentor for Google Code-in 2018. We have about 20 mentors and 3 Org admins this year. I have updated the mentor’s list in the Wiki page with your profiles. Please let me know if anything wants to be changed.

We have a Telegram group which can be used for the discussions with the students and mentors. So please make sure join withthis invite link.

We need to create some tasks for the students and those tasks should cover all the categories. I would like to get at least 5 tasks from each mentor. I will create a details post about the task creations once the Orgs results are announced (Hopefully Sep 28, 2018). By the way, Start thinking to create some innovative tasks for the kids :smile:

(Suthagar Kailayapathy) #34

Hi everyone,

I am very happy to say that the OpenMRS has been selected as a Google Code-in 2018 mentoring organization :slight_smile:

Thanks for everyone who gave the support so far. I will create a talk post about the process hereafter.

(Reuben Varghese) #35

Good going guys! Now, we need to gear up for the real deal :wink:

(Daniel Kayiwa) #36

Awesome! Looking forward to it. Will never forget last year, when one of the students taught me some of the latest Java features! :smile:

(Rahul Bhatia) #38

Hey @suthagar23, saw this post a bit late. Great initiative. I am well versed with Web Technologies and also Machine Learning. Python and JavaScript are my primary languages in which I code. Let me know if there are still any vacancies for GCI mentors. I would really love to be one and I guess I can handle this very well. You can check my LinkedIn profile and GitHub profiles:



(tendo kiiza Martyn) #39

Wow !

@suthagar23 thanks a bunch , but is the Telegram link still valid ?

(Yusuf Karim) #40

It still works for me but I think you might have to have telegram installed on your computer if you plan to use it on there. If you try it on your phone and have the telegram app, it’ll probably work.

(Kush Misra) #41

@suthagar23 thanks for this lead . I would love to be a mentor this year and guide some budding developers . I can devote the required time :slight_smile: .

(Gaurav soni) #42

@suthagar23 Thnks for helping our kindly let me know if task are available for students so that we can help them .