GCI - 2018 - Official Mentor's list for Google Code-in 2018

Hello everyone,

We just finalized the OpenMRS mentor list for Google Code-in 2018. Unfortunately, we received about 36+ requests for the mentors, and then we worked on filtering the requests.

We prepared a common mentor selection criteria for Google Code-in and selected the mentors based on that criteria. Please look into the mentor selection criteria here,

Mentor Selection Criteria

Minimum Requirements

  • Mentors should have a considerable contribution and interaction with OpenMRS prior to the GCI Mentorship
  • Mentors can be a previous GSoC student, GSoC Mentor, GCI Winner or Finalist, GCI Mentor, Andela Apprentices, Outreachy contestants, or active community member in OpenMRS
  • Mentors should have experience in assisting with technical and non-technical issues
  • Mentors should have OpenMRS Talk account and access to the OpenMRS JIRA
  • Mentors should have already interacted with other community members, and they should be active in the talk thread by helping others in several ways

Preferred Requirements

  • At least, mentors should have some contributions to the OpenMRS Core or OpenMRS modules in the past time
  • dev/1 or greater in OpenMRS community

Based on the given criteria, We were able to select 24 mentors for this year Google Code-in contest. The selected mentor’s list is given below,

Mentor List - GCI 2018

  1. Burke Mamlin (@burke)
  2. Daniel Kayiwa (@dkayiwa)
  3. Kaweesi Joseph (@k.joseph)
  4. Reuben Varghese (@reubenv)
  5. Isuranga Perera (@isuranga)
  6. Juliet Wamalwa (@jwnasambu
  7. Lahiru Jayathilake (@lahiruj)
  8. Tendo Martyn (@tendomart)
  9. Dileka Madushan (@madushan)
  10. Sanatt Abrol (@mavrk)
  11. Jai Tatia (@jtatia)
  12. Samuel Male (@samuel34)
  13. Jeyasumangala Rasanayagam (@sumangala28)
  14. Prabodh Kotasthane (@pkatopenmrs)
  15. Fawwaz Yusran (@f4ww4z)
  16. Jude Niroshan (@judeniroshan)
  17. K.Suthagar (@suthagar23)
  18. Yusuf Karim (@ykarim250)
  19. Shreyans Sheth (@bholagabbar)
  20. Ungku Zoe Anysa Ungku Faiz (@uzanysa)
  21. Mira Yang (@myang4570
  22. Chanuka Wijayakoon (@merovingienne)
  23. Smarita Sharma (@smartyrad

Congratulations to everyone :slight_smile:. We would expect you to be an active mentor during the contest to make this success!

Mentor’s summary

  • This year we have about 45.5% (10 out of 24) new mentors on the mentor list. Count%20of%20Do%20you%20have%20any%20experience%20with%20GCI%20at%20OpenMRS_

  • We have about 68.2% (16 out of 24) mentors who can work more than 4hours per week during the contest. There are no limitations, so you can work more also :smile: Count%20of%20Your%20time%20availability%20during%20the%20contest%20period%20(Minimum%20available%20hours%20per%20week)%20

  • We have mentors who can cover for 3 major time zones but we missed having mentors for GMT-12 to GMT-6. So the active mentors need to cover this time zone also :smile: Count%20of%20Your%20timezone%20(As%20to%20make%20sure%20there%20is%20always%20a%20mentor%20to%20review%20a%20task%20and%20help%20the%20kids%20within%2024%20hours)

What is next?

We will send a mentor invite for your email ID. Once you register through the mentor email invite, you can able to create the tasks in the Google Code-in dashboard. Please use this link to see the existing tasks for GCI-18 : https://om.rs/gcitasks

We would like to assign a set of mentors to each category. So they will be responsible for those type of tasks and they should make sure about the task reviews and approvals. So please fill this following mentor’s interest form to assign you to a category.

Just a message for the people who applied and still not selected as the mentors from the OpenMRS

Don’t worry much about this! We expect you need to be an active member in OpenMRS and need some contributions or interactions prior to this mentorship. The organization and the admins are responsible for the Google Code-in contest and the guidance, and we need to make sure about the mentor’s commitments who need to be eligible for the mentorship under the OpenMRS.

We expect you to involve into the OpenMRS development, and start to contribute today. So then, you can be a mentor for GCI even GSoC in next year!!. Thanks for your interest and likes to contribute as a mentor for OpenMRS. Good luck guys!!

Thank you

GCI Admins-2018


Please check your email inbox for the mentor invitation :slight_smile:

If anyone don’t get the mentor invite via the given email Id, please let me know as soon as possible.

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Thanks a lot @suthagar23 for the comprehensive post. I find the stats useful , especially the one which lists the timezone of each mentor . We now have a clue as to during which time slot mentors will generally not be available and probably work accordingly.


Mentors, please submit your response to create the groups based on the type of tasks,


Thanks for the reminder. Just submitted mine.

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We got about 16 responses out of 24 responses for the task interest. Since we need to finalize this grouping, we will assign others who still not submitted the responses to the free slots.


@suthagar23 is the door closed for more mentors? That is if someone meets the above criteria.

No @dkayiwa If someone wants,and if he/she fits to that criteria, then they can comment their wish in the talk forum. So then we will contact them for more information :slight_smile:

Hi Mentors,

We finalized the grouping for the mentors based on the tasks. We managed the mentor interest and vacant places for this mentor grouping. This is not mean that only the mentors are the group can work on those tasks. Just they all are responsible for those tasks and reviews. So you should aware of,

  1. Available task counts/instances in the category for the student work
  2. Reviews and acceptance of the student work (We encourage to review each student work within 24hours)

Mentors from other groups also interact with any of those categories, they can review and accept those tasks also. Anyway, you should aware of your assigned task type in all time. Hope you all are agreed and understood your responsibilities.

Mentor Groups

So now, Please go ahead and create tasks in the JIRA or GCI dashboard.

  • We will review and approve if it directly created in the GCI dashboard
  • We will migrate the tasks from JIRA using the bulk upload feature later.



Thanks @suthagar23 for administering GCI. Could be I messed up in the preceding google gci specific forms. But I recall that my interest was under coding. Quality assurance looks more technical :smile:. Do these mentor groups have a limit of 5?

Yay, can’t wait to start! Will try adding tasks after midterms over the weekend. Re an email from Stephanie,

“It is not a “task” to require someone to make an account, sign up for a mailing list, or follow you on social media. Some of those things are overhead, some of the others are blatant marketing and don’t benefit the student. We understand that sometimes this kind of trivial task is used as a beginner / hook task, but you’ll need to find other things that are not trivial and don’t violate privacy concerns.”

We have had the “introduce yourself” task for the past 4 years since I did GCI. Since it does benefit the student in a way of connecting to the community and feeling welcomed/ having a foundation laid when it comes to asking for help and names get familiar, can we still make that a task or should we just have a plug at the end of each task that encourages and reminds participants to connect themselves to the community?

When it was a task it did get kind of repetitive once three or more people wrote intros on the task’s JIRA page. I think it was three things they thought about the purpose of OpenMRS. Everyone just started recycling the same sentences.

Actually We need to have considerable amount of tasks in each category(~20 tasks in each category) to run the contest, so we need to make sure about that process. That is the only reason for this grouping based on the tasks.

This mean, you are responsible for this type of tasks. So you need to make sure about the active count of tasks and instances for student works and make sure about the task review and acceptance. Since last year, we received so many emails from GCI Organizer according to the non-reviewed tasks for about 48hrs. So we need to manage that problem by this grouping this year.

You can work on other types of tasks as well. There are no restrictions here for your mentorship. :smile: You can create/review/accept any type of tasks during the contest. But keep in mind, you are the responsible person for your assigned type of tasks.

Hope you will catch our target !!!


I feel, better to have this tasks for this year too, but you can convert to some other kind of questions. Introduction to the community in-deeded, but they should write it by their own. Can you make it better?

@suthagar23 Thanks alot for the Notification


We expect, each mentor to create at least 3 tasks under your assigned task type. You can create more tasks in other task types as well. Anyhow, Help us to full fill the requirements for your assigned task type.

Please create your tasks before Oct 17, 2018. We need to work on those tasks before uploading to the GCI dashboard.

I have created a google mailing group for OpenMRS GCI Mentors 2018. We will post important announcements and alerts to there which can be easy to spread among mentors via emails. I have added all mentors to that mailing list. If anyone didn’t get the intro mail from that mailing list, please let me know to add you to there (restricted only for mentors).



Instructions for the Tasks

We would like to use a common format for all tasks. So please follow this format to create the tasks.

  • Task Title - Should be short and easy to understand the question

  • Task Description

    • Description about the tasks*
    • Warnings (if required) - Make it bold text
    • Resources (if required) - Better to use the hyperlinks and numerical numberings
    • Submission steps* - mention about “what should be submitted for the evaluations”. Better to use the bullets.
  • Labels

    • Compulsory Label - gci2018
    • Type Labels - coding, design, research, documentation, quality assurance, outreach (Can add more than one also)
    • If it is a beginner type of task, then add “beginner” tag
    • if it can be claimed by one student at a time, then add “once-per-student” tag
    • You can some other tags as well. Eg : java, html, blogging, algorithms

We encourage you to add the submission steps at the last of each task description. [ Eg : GCI-273 ]. It can help to reduce the time for the reviews also.

JIRA Link for the GCI - Project - Google Code-in JIRA Project

We expect, each mentor to create at least 3 tasks under your assigned task type. You can create more tasks in other task types as well. Anyhow, Help us to full fill the requirements for your assigned task type.

Please create your tasks before Oct 17, 2018. We need to work on those tasks before uploading to the GCI dashboard.



I noticed that you created a google group for mentors. Is there a reason why we do not simply use Talk?

Thanks for the opportunity given to mentor and I promise to give the best I can. I just wish to inquire if the are some previous tasks/tickets created on research / outreach for reference purposes. I have tried to google but in vain.

Not many reasons for that @dkayiwa , We will always use the Talk forum for the discussion and announcements. By the time, I will use this mailing group to announce the final decisions and announcements, unreviewed task details for 24hrs, any immediate commitments required from the mentors, etc.

Some mentors, will not be active in the Talk for all time. So they may miss the important announcements during the contest. So I thought to use this mailing group to send a mail with that information. So we can easily notify them immediately since most of them configured their mail in the mobile phones and tablets. So they will get the information quickly and do the need full :slight_smile:.

You can refer these tasks for research/outreach,

  1. https://issues.openmrs.org/browse/GCI-274
  2. https://issues.openmrs.org/browse/GCI-273
  3. https://issues.openmrs.org/browse/GCI-125
  4. https://issues.openmrs.org/browse/GCI-137

You can think more about this, like

  • Research about Java 10
  • React vs Angular
  • Python vs Go Lang
  • Research about Why we can’t inherit multiple parent classes in Java?