GCI-2017: Plans, proposals, and open invite to join in!

Please if I missed your name on the mentors list, it’s an error. Just ping me and I’ll add it. Thanks.

Sure thing @ivange94 !

BTW just a reminder to all : Ensure the tasks(for GCI) you create are in the “Needs Assesment” stage of the workflow so as to ensure that they are worked upon only during GCI only :slight_smile:

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@ivange94 Thankx

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Count me in as a mentor as well! GCI has been a great experience for OpenMRS and I’m excited to see us continuing it.


@tendomart will you be mentoring too?

I think Google Code-In icon has been slightly moderated and Google also used that for their official announcements.

Can we just use those images in our wiki pages?

I have edited GCI with OpenMRS image like GSoC with OpenMRS. We can use it also for our pages,

You can get those high-resolution images from this Google drive link,

In the wiki documentation, We have just posted like Sign onto OpenMRS Talk . Shall we improve that line like Sign onto OpenMRS Talk and introduce yourself at here


I thought of that. It was usually introduce yourself to the student and mentors meet and greet thread. But GCI has not started. If you look at the latest status you’ll see that org applications start 9th October so it doesn’t make sense to have that thread yet. There is also the possibility of having them say Sign up to talk and introduce yourself on the general ‘Welcome please introduce yourself’ thread. But when the contest starts We’ll still have them introduce themselves in the mentors and student meet and greet section if that duplication makes sense then let’s do it. I also anticipated very few students will actually visit that wiki page now until when OpenMRS has been accepted into the program and published on the Google Code-In website.

Introducing yourself to the mentors meet and greet thread is usually a task on it’s on. Sometimes students get confused thinking they’ve completed the task already when instead they introduced themselves to the general Welcome, please introduce yourself thread.

About the images, feel free to change them. I think that logo was designed by GCI student just like the promotional video beside it. Maybe using it was a way of making use of their work. I think the GCI logo you proposed was actually there last year since that’s what I have on my T-Shirt but feel free to change them if you think it tells the story better.

Update After saying this I realize you may not have edit permissions to do that. But that’s highly unlikely. If you can’t update it then let me know I’ll do.

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@suthagar23 Since you know video editing well, it would be nice if you could probably edit and update the GCI promotional video(for OpenMRS) to use the latest logo and details please?

I guess we can make this as a GCI task. Isn’t that so? :slight_smile:

Yah Sure, I will make required changes. Actually, I thought we would like to be updated with Google. It is a good way to express them that we are in action :smile:

@reubenv I will go through and do some changes if I can.

@judeniroshan Yah We can create this as the GCI task too! I will consider this tasks while working on the that.

@suthagar23 @judeniroshan We could make it a task too but since this is a promotional video for GCI 2017, wouldn’t it make sense to get it ready before GCI starts?

On the other hand, I feel we could edit it(this can be a task) and remove all instances of a particular year i.e. make it a general promotional video so that it can be reused each year.


@cecilia @chibujax2 @niccie, take a look at this.

This should be a GCI task.

Hello everyone, I’ll like to be a mentor for GCI-2017 as well :smiley:

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@grimm great to have you mentor. Just thought maybe we should have a badge for our grand prize winners? Maybe inspire some gci students. @burke what do you think? You must probably be very busy with other stuffs. I can do this if I’m pointed to the right direction :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure @grimm can come up with some good design for the badge and I’ll take responsibility in implementing it on talk and assigning it to previous grand prize winners like @cshah, @grimm and @myang4570 if they want.

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Hi everyone,

I would love to be a GCI mentor for OpenMRS. I can mentor students for projects like android-client and dataintegrity-module.

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Mentors as @judeniroshan mentioned there are a lot of tasks. Let’s go through them and those that are still valid we change their labels from gci2016 to gci2017. And if we need more tasks or of you have some specific tasks you need completed on your project please don’t hesitate to create them.

I’m interested in mentoring as well.

I’m willing to help out with the badge design if needed too.

Thanks @ivange94 for putting us in!

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