AO-12: Updating module documentation to point to Add-On Index

Continuing the discussion from GCI 2017 - Official Mentor Invite:

@ivange94 & @bholagabbar, currently AO-12’s summary reads:

This task is to search around the wiki, the developers guide and the implementers guide to find pages mentioning old instructions for publishing to and point to instead.

Also any mentioning of the url should be replaced with the url. will continue to work, but it will redirect to, which should be the preferred way to access it. I’d like to review any edits you make, so please post them under this issue in comments.

I believe we want module documentation to point to the module in the Add-On index and not to, which is the page instructing module authors how to release a module into BinTray.

Also, it seems like the tasks we’d want for GCI would be something like:

  1. Create a list of all modules in OpenMRS Add Ons.
  2. Given #1, for each module in list of Add Ons, update any references to in the module documentation to point to the appropriate page in OpenMRS Add Ons.
  3. After #2 is done, search for any remaining references to in the wiki and update any that are active (e.g., have been created/edited in the past 2 years) to refer to OpenMRS Add Ons.
  4. Update references to the module repository in the OpenMRS Guide to refer to the OpenMRS Add Ons.
  5. Update references in the Developer Manual to refer to the OpenMRS Add Ons.

/cc @raff

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I believe it depends on the context. If is mentioned in the context of releasing / uploading a module to then we need to point it to new release instructions on how to do it via Bintray and Add Ons. On the other hand, if the context is to simply point to where you can download a module then it should be as you suggest.

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I want to add this now. Seems this task needs login to access it. For some reason I have not been able to login to jira. I filed a help desk case like a week ago but the problem still persists.

GCI task created

Tagged it as community priority to get more attention. Wasn’t sure how much work involved so I created just 3 instances of the task. Let me know what you think.