Fragment to secondColumnFragment extension point - UiFrameworkException: No controller provided // FragmentFactory

Hello, sorry again if that’s covered somewhere, then please refer, thank you!

Using the SDK, Ref app. 2.4

a/ creating the basic example module - works with explanations of this wiki and by viewing the allergy-module:

b/ extending ‘my’ module to have b1/ fragment gsp, and fragment controller (kept the naming convention) b2/ page gsp, and page controller (kept the naming convention … [name]]

c/ adding a folder apps/ and adding this json (following this advice How to add/remove fragments from dashboard & link forms) kept the code of the json like it is (only difference: using the name of ‘my’ fragment). kept the json-file-name as it is

d/ following darius’ advice given in this page How to customise the Patient Registration page? which is: first 2 steps of

The error occurs when: log-in as admin, chose a patient - click - error of the error log: Caused by: org.openmrs.ui.framework.UiFrameworkException: No controller provider: ${project.parent.artifactId} at org.openmrs.ui.framework.fragment.FragmentFactory.getController(

thank you!

Hello, that was the issue: (all steps above seems to have been ok, and)

  • adding this file to a (created) /apps folder
  • change this file: fragement: “[myfragment]” // fragment name
  • and: provider: “[mymodule]” // module name

the indication of the provider from “${project.parent.artifactId}” to “[mymodule]” - made it run (added the fragment to the dashboard)

to the administrators: since that is solved, maybe to delete/close it … if that is not of value for a newcomer. thank you