Finding a testing task

Hi there,

My team has been on the search for a ticket that has us add/modify test cases. We have not had any luck, as the tickets are usually taken or are old enough to be irrelevant. Is anyone able to point us in the right direction?


Every piece of code should be shipped with unit tests, so virtually every ticket fulfills your criteria. Can you point us to tickets that you think won’t require tests?

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This filter should list tickets that explicitly require tests.

@wyclif, I’m getting this when clicking on the above link:


Could you check it out?

Can you try the link again? Sorry about that

Same, weird.

Could you maybe just share the the JQL query?

Sorry! It should be working now for sure

Hi Brett, and great you are interested in testing :slight_smile: because there is lots to test!

If you dont find a ticket you can simply go to

and browse through classes that have low coverage, you will even find some with no test at all but still quite a lot of lines of code.

You can also generate coverage locally either in your IDE or with mvn clean package && mvn jacoco:report the coverage reports will then be in the target/site sub folders.

I dont think we necessarily need a ticket if you just add tests without changing any production code.

We have some documentation about how we test here, but I think the docs need some updates, so if you have questions just ask us :slight_smile:

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@bmid98 you might also want to have a look at

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Thank you @teleivo,

Despite your saying that we would not need a ticket, we created one anyway just because it looked like it was required for a pull request. We have created a ticket at and will get to work as soon as we can.