Find out the Features of OpenMRS

Application Name: Find out the Features of OpenMRS Version Number: V 2.5.0

Question: We are planning to implement an application on national level where there will be multiple users. So i wanted a software which can serve my below requirements. Patient can login and see their EHR or EHJ(Electronic health journals), also hospital can check patient EHR using their MR number. Hospital also have their login module from where they can enter patient’s MR number. Application must have a claim management system which sorted all the insurance claims of hospitals and make a bridge between patients, hospital and insurance company. Hospital can submit the claim for verification using it’s login page. Like patient will go to hospital. hospital check the previous EHR record of patient from our application then check the insurance details of patient from our application, then make a claim report and sent to our application for verification and then wait for clearance from insurance company. Then after verification our application receive notification from insurance company and notify the hospital. Also our application make a bill of that insurance for it’s record after approval. as well as save the sent EHR data by hospital for claim.

Please keep in mind there will be multiple hospitals. so there will be a proper hospital management module which just gives a login page to hospital for their claims and for checking patient’s EHR.

From patients login page. patient can check his/her EHR also can check insurance information. Application must be accessible in offline mode with last updated data.

application should be open sourced and free.

So can OpenMRS server my purpose? .**

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@omrsadm can you please guide on this?

@oppenmrs can you please comment on this ? As this is urgent?

Hello @abdullah.qasim These would be great user cases. I think OpenMRS 3 out of the box does not have all this built in but you can add modules around this to archive all these… For billing and insurance modules you can try looking into these GitHub - openmrs/openmrs-esm-billing-app: Billing microfrontend for O3. for insurance claims some work has been done here GitHub - openmrs/openmrs-module-insuranceclaims: For checking patient insurance enrolment on registration (in external Insurance Management Information System) status and submitting claims (managing patient billing).

For the patient to login am not sure if this is supported. But I believe its just a matter of adding a new user of a patient and specifying their privileges in your custom application.

“Yes” but with a number of important caveats.

Your questions sprawl way beyond the capabilities and purview of the EMR system and rather touch the design of a national HIE architecture where:

  • An EMR system would be used by healthcare providers at health facilities.
  • An IMIS would be used to manage health insurance claims.
  • A patient portal or patient app would be made available to patients.
  • … and probably much more.

OpenMRS will do what the EMR system is supposed to do in the above, hence my “yes”. But clearly there is a lot more to unpack.

On the other hand I have to say “no” to your final question as such because many aspects of it touch to features that are usually outside of the perimeter of an EMR system stricto sensu. And AFAIK you will not find such a silver bullet, so a single open-source software that does all that you listed, by all means you will have to make interoperate a number of open-source digital health software.

Fyi we (@Mekom, as a vendor) currently design something very similar for a private client with Ozone HIS where:

  • Ozone HIS’ default EMR system (OpenMRS 3) is the EMR system.
  • openIMIS is the claims management system.
  • The patient app is proprietary and indeed serves for self-registration and patient access to facilities for which their are eligible based on their insurance coverage.
  • Ozone HIS’ default billing system (Odoo) is used to manage patient bills before connecting to the IMIS.
    • You didn’t mention that one but a billing system is almost certainly needed.