FHIR2 Implementation Guide

On the FHIR squad, we’ve had some discussions around setting up a FHIR Implementation Guide to document FHIR as supported by the FHIR2 module. This is a bit of something more formal and technical than the documentation we’ve provided so far.

There’s a lot of work that will need to go into this, as I’m not aware of a real way to automate this documentation. However, I’ve setup a repository for the IG and it’s currently viewable at https://fhir.openmrs.org.

If anyone has the time to contribute to profiling resources to reflect their implementation in the FHIR2 module, please get in touch.

Our implementation guide is based on the OpenHIE Implementation Guide created by Jose Costa Teixeira, but it’s been lightly retouched to closer match OpenMRS branding.

So far, I’ve only created two real profiles, one for patient and one for location. These are based on the profiles @pmanko put together for the laboratory workflows IG that documents the OpenMRS-OpenELIS FHIR-based workflow that’s been developed.


Thanks @ibacher for kickstarting this.

Thanks @ibacher for starting this .
I have been waiting for this,
I have worked on the laboratory workflows IG and theres more we can re-use for the OpenMRS -IG too. ill be happy to contribute to this .

I think as first priority ,

  • We will need to add the Profiles for all the Resources we support.

  • We will need to add Example Resources based on the above Profiles.

  • We will also need to create the Logical model for the mapping between FHIR and the OPenMRS data model