Opportunity: 2022 OpenMRS Technical Writer

About OpenMRS & This Opportunity

OpenMRS’ mission is to improve healthcare delivery in resource-constrained environments by coordinating a global community that creates and sustains a robust, scalable open-source medical record platform.

The OpenMRS Community is currently undergoing a renaissance, with smaller groups of community members driving new and exciting projects forward in response to user needs. A growing project area is focused on advancing OpenMRS HL7 FHIR solutions, such as the FHIR2 module.

The FHIR2 module enables OpenMRS to act as a FHIR server and for FHIR client applications to speak to OpenMRS without needing to work with OpenMRS’s custom APIs. The FHIR2 module has become an integral part of a growing number of OpenMRS implementations. As more countries implement standards-based health information exchanges, demand for the FHIR2 module will only grow.

Our current challenge?

Most of our efforts to date have been focused on developing the solutions. What we’re missing is documentation of our technical specifications in a format that is recognized by the broader FHIR community and can be actively used by OpenMRS implementers as well as other digital public goods working on similar, interoperable solutions.

We are currently seeking an experienced Technical Writer to work hand in hand with our FHIR Squad to:

  1. Present FHIR specifications for the OpenMRS FHIR2 module as a FHIR IG
  2. Evaluate the FHIR2 module IG process

This is a part-time position for 5 months, beginning in mid-May, and is eligible to receive a monthly stipend.

Technical Writer Responsibilities

  • Collaborate with relevant community squads and teams, including those focused on FHIR.
  • Research tools and best practices for writing a FHIR IG
  • Use FHIR shorthand and compile it using Sushi
  • Write FHIR based specifications as part of the FHIR2 Module IG
  • Gather feedback on the FHIR IG and creation process
  • Make recommendations on improvements and future contributions to the IG
  • Disseminate the FHIR2 Module IG, lessons learned, and recommendations through community showcases and videos

For specific project activities and timeline, please see the full project description on our WIki.


  • Bachelor’s degree or the equivalent in experience in English, Communication, Journalism, Software Engineering, Computer Science, Technical Writing, Teaching, Curriculum Development or Scientific Publication.
  • 2-3 years experience in technical writing.
  • Strong communications skills, including written, verbal and presentation.
  • Excellent attention to detail and the ability to prioritize and work on multiple projects
  • Ability to communicate complex technical topics to non-technical stakeholders both internally and externally.
  • Prior experience working with open source communities and FHIR IGs preferred

How to apply

Please submit a statement of interest, including links to your CV and technical writing samples, that addresses the responsibilities and skills outlined above.

Please send this information or your questions to jobs@openmrs.org.

Priority will be given to candidates submitting their application by April 30, 2022.

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