Feature Request: Display Vitals/Diagnoses in Medications App

Providers have said this information helps determine medication, so having it display in the app without having to switch tabs is desirable (esp. with the latencies we experience).


For reference:

How configurable would this have to be? Could reusing dashboard widgets on this screen be an option?

Implementations have also asked to be able to see allergies while ordering medications. While allergies is not a first class model yet in Bahmni, i wonder whether people could do it using obs and having a configurable obs display control besides the medication tab would make sense.

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I haven’t looked about the technical details yet, but it seems that it would be great if we could just reuse the mechanism to configure dashboard widgets here on the medication screen.

Probably limiting the possibility to one widget though.

The display control would be visible inside the medication tab (not a separate tab).

Sorry, yes, i meant within the medication tab only. basically user should be able to see allergies while ordering the medications.

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