Failed to setup OpenMRS instance


I have been having a hard time trying to setup the Openmrs server to do some localhost. Here is my pastebin log any problem with it, I have been thinking the problem is with the mysql I installed am not so sure about it though, any solutions please thank you. @dkayiwa @herbert24 @samuel34 @georgejr

Are you able to connect to your MySQL instance using the MySQL Command Line client or any MySQL GUI?

Am not sure I get you there but when i installed the mysql I got this

So I am not sure whats not happening.

Can you uninstall that version of MySQL and then install a lower version like 5.7?

let me try that

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when i look at your logs, i found out that you could be connecting to a wrong database because as here jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/@DBNAME@ .what is your database name??

thanks @herbert24 am actually trying to correct that, am downloading and setting up new installer because i got a wrong thing the last time

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okie then don’t for get to use the correct port number ,password for root and db name

would using default have a problem?

first try out and see

When I downloaded 5.7, there was an automatic upgrade to 8.0 and when I decided to reject this action, but it totally failed to install so is it wrong to have 8.0 running anyway?

You cannot have an automatic upgrade without your setting it. Just remove 8 and install 5.7

Man, I have been trying to avoid the update but when i do that I can’t go on take note of when I check and uncheck the boxes, I can’t get to next

That means you did not completely uninstall all MySQL products.

yes you are right that’s why I have been going through the machine step by step. I think I did some messy job here but am almost done with it though

I have finally installed mysql57 running although I think am not feeling in this, the necessary requirements to setup the server rightly as seen here any help on that please.

Are you able to connect to your MySQL Service using any GUI or MySQL Command Line Client?

yea I can connect to the command line client

can you create a database using command line!

And for the command line client, are you entering a password?