Example Medical Records

Hello, new here, hoping to find what I am looking for or perhaps be pointed in the right direction. The company I work for is working on an AI based tool to read information from medical records and other forms of PII. We are currently in the process of training the AI for a project and we would like to use sample medical records and forms to do so. I have been looking around for such a set and came across OpenMRS and a page which seemed to indicate that the software had or could generate sample medical records. Is this the case? We don’t really need software, we simply need a dataset to work with of dummy medical records, preferably in formats found in the real world so that after our tool is trained it will be useful to our clients. Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide.

Welcome @ksmiley to OpenMRS! My guess is that you’ll have a hard time finding a full set of sample dummy data to work against. But we are starting a big QA improvement process in the OpenMRS community that will also need this. So I’ll be interested in what folks come up with here!

Hi, Ken… which company do you work for?