Adding Demo data to the Open MRS Reference Application 2.6-SNAPSHOT

Application Name: Open MRS Reference Application Version Number: Open MRS Reference Application 2.6-SNAPSHOT

Question: I added Demo data to the above application by using got from here.And i manage to import that zip file to the mysql database.But after i restart the server , it start with this error messages. ( I think because of that some modules are also not able to start.) - error message. Please guide me to do that in correct way. Thanks.

Try this option Dockerised demo refapp, and other questions about demo data with an SDK server

ok i will look on that .Thanks @ssmusoke

@ridmal am assuming you are aware of the fact that for the reference application, you can just give the setting named “referencedemodata.createDemoPatientsOnNextStartup” the number of demo patients you would like and then restart the application.

Yeah.i did that and it worked perfectly.

Thanks @dkayiwa and @ssmusoke .

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dkaiywa!Can you please specify the location where I need to configure this.I am not able to find it.

@dkayiwa where could this “referencedemodata.createDemoPatientsOnNextStartup” Setting be found ? it is not clearly indicated on the wiki

@tendomart did you take a look at this?

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@dkayiwa No.Let me do so

@dkayiwa, looking at the referencedemodata module , it looks like its not necessary to restart the whole application , it seems like restarting the referencedemodata module alone can create the demo patients on next restart of the module its self , as the createDemoPatients(); mothod is called upon starting the referencedemodata module

And i have tried it , and it seems to work fine , only restarting the referencedemodata module ,not the whole app