Error when uploading Address Hierarchy

I was trying to add new address hierarchy but I get this error message

I have the following installed

Bahmni ver. 0.91 mysqld ver. 5.6.43

Address Hierarchy ver. 2.11.0

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@dkayiwa do you know anyone you can recommend to help me with this error. I’ve been stuck with it for 2 weeks now

How are you loading the address hierarchy?

I used a CSV file with just 2 columns, using pipe as the delimiter. I had checked the option to overwrite existing records. My address hierarchy template only has 2 fields.

But now I can’t even access the Address Hierarchy menu because of that error. So far I have tried stopping and starting the module, uninstalling and re-installing the module but the error still persists

Does the error still happen even after the module is uninstalled?

The link is removed from the Admin centre once I uninstall the module

If i just installed the bare OpenMRS and this module, would i be able to reproduce your problem? If yes, what are the exact steps?

I’m not too sure, the OpenMRS was installed with the Bahmni installer that I used

Hi @tapologo Can you please share the addressHierarchy.csv file that you are trying to import.

Hi @binduak This is the adddress hierarchy I used

botswana-address-hierarchy.csv (252 Bytes)

@dkayiwa @binduak I saw this in the logs

org.hibernate.ObjectNotFoundException: No row with the given identifier exists: [org.openmrs.module.addresshierarchy.AddressHierarchyEntry#1748]

So I logged into MYSQL and ran this statement

mysql> select * from address_hierarchy_entry;

From the output I noticed there is no record with address_hierarchy_entry_id = 1748, see below screenshot

Additionally I noticed that my address hierarchy was not loaded properly, see area highlighted red. Is there a way I can flush these entries?


I managed to resolve this by truncating the address_hierarchy_level table and rebuilding the address hierarchy from scratch.

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