Error when uploading Address Hierarchy

thanks for the instant response @dkayiwa, i tried loading the Uganda address hierarchy and now it does not allow me even to register a single patient on the system. let me try to share the server side logs over

@dkayiwa,am failing to access the server side logs,how can i navigate to it… as for the error i get is here Address Hierarchy Error causing address fileds not to be filled -
is there a way of deleting the address hierarchy i uploaded or resetting it to the default, thanks @dkayiwa i did follow the above and it worked for me though on the address field on patient registration, i still see two blank boxes… Thanks

@dkayiwa, i am trying following this solution Error when uploading Address HierarchyBahmni v. 0.87 and if it works, will surely let you know …Thanks