Error starting OpenMRS after upgrade

I have upgraded Openmrs from 2.0.6 to 2.4.0, when it was almost finished openmrs was unable to start so I restarted tomcat. Now i am getting an error when I start openmrs I need help.

Did you backup your data? if yes .Try deleting the database and the tomcat cache and redeploy the 2.4.0 war file

It would be helpful if you could post more of your log. The exception you’ve started from is happening during part of the shutdown process and doesn’t seem to be the underlying issue…

This was the log before I restart tomcat. Upgrade openmrs 240 error 1 -

I have a backup before upgrade or do you mean I have to backup now. Then delete database, redeploy openmrs war 2.4.0 and restore database.

Absolutely .! Delete the existing database since you have a backup , the tomcat cache files. then re-deploy

I just saw the latest with security fixes is 2.4.2

Just replace your modules with the latest released version of each.

Thanks, openmrs has started but a few modules fail to start.

  1. reporting modules Error while trying to start module Unable to update data model using liquibase.xml. Module: Reporting
  2. Html form entry modules Error while trying to start module Unable to update data model using liquibase.xml. Module: HTML Form Entry
  3. Appointment scheduling Module Appointment Scheduling Module cannot be started because it requires the following module(s): reporting 0.9.2 Please install and start these modules first (This just need reporting module to start first) Upgrade openmrs 240 error 2 modules not started - I could not paste the whole log file apparently i exceeded my limit on pastebin

What happens when you hit the green play buttons next to each of those modules ?

Can you provide the logs ?

Even when I hit a green button the module does not start.

I don’t seem to see any errors from the logs .are these from Catalina.out

Also from the few error messages above . Liquibase could not update your database.

Here are log files Module start error1 - Module start error2 - Module start error3 - Module start error4 - Module start error5 -

Sorry my pastebin account is limited in size I had to cut the log file into pieces

Looking at the logs, i would advise to first restore the database from back up and ensure that you have a properly running system as before. Then upgrade all the modules and run the system again to ensure that all is well. After which, you will finally upgrade the platform war file.

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Ok let me try going back to 2.0.6

Restoring my old database I run into errors starting openmrs. Openmrs not able to start “unable to get connection to the database”. Error starting openmrs -

Change the mysql username and password in your runtime properties file to the one that has access to your database.

I have manage to solve mysql openmrs username and password on runtime properties file but I have run into another error.

In your application data folder, delete the folder named lucene and then restart OpenMRS.

Openmrs has started but does not display form entry or appointment scheduling and all the modules are running.

Now it shows blank on form entry and appointment scheduling

In your runtime properties file, append &zeroDateTimeBehavior=convertToNull to the connecton.url and restart OpenMRS.